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    Black Mamba

    Here is a design I made about 2 years ago. Had 6 gallons that turned to vinegar.. :mad: BUT, have another 4 gallons going now, and I'm a bit more educated..... Cant wait to actually use it.
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    New Marketing or Feminine Beer

    DISCLAIMER: What you're about to read may be disturbing, disgusting, and downright demented. So please, enjoy it while it lasts. ;) Okay, so I'm new to brewing (anything) so I have little experience with the types of flavor and character imparted (by the yeast) on all the different brews we...
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    I ran into all this stuff they call "fresh cut grass" when I mowed the lawn earlier today. Was wondering if anyone has heard of this peculiar substance before and if anyone has tried to ferment with it? (mead/wine/beer) No really. Grass. Lawn grass..... Imagine the smell! :ban: