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  1. redman67

    Massachusetts 30 amp electric control panel

    i am offering a brand new 30 amp pid electric control panel made by electric brewing supplies See link for details The system as billed as BIAB but it can be easily modified to any form of electric brewing with a couple cheap and easy tweaks...
  2. redman67

    2015 Big Giveaway

    I just wanted to publicly thank the folks at Electric Brewing Supply for taking part in this years giveaway. I just received my grand prize and it is indeed GRAND This equipment is very well built and high quality. So if you're in the market for a pre-made control panel or most any electric...
  3. redman67

    Light to indicate ssr closed

    has anyone figured out how to light an indicator light only when the ssr is closed Thanks
  4. redman67

    Heading to Nashville

    Where should I drink in the downtown/Vanderbilt area? Thanks
  5. redman67

    Massachusetts pin lock kegs

    I have several used pin lock kegs that are available @ $30 a piece they will need to be cleaned inside and out please email [email protected] if interested
  6. redman67

    GIBF prov.

    I've got three Half Priced tickets to the festival for the afternoon session $75 takes them please help me out
  7. redman67

    too much smoke?

    I just built a stainless smoker from a scrapped dog kennel and fired it for the first time yesterday My question is, can you have too much smoke in your smoker or is it the more the merrier. thanks
  8. redman67

    perlick 525 ss pricing

    Im in the market for some perlicks and was wondering who has the best price you've seen?
  9. redman67

    Failed SSR

    So it happened to me The last two brews my PID has been over shooting set temps by a few degrees and I could'nt figure out why. I needed to replace a switch so I took the opportunity to rewire my indicator light to the output of the SSR so I would have a visual indicator of when the...
  10. redman67

    500 ml wide mouth flask

    I needed two and the minimum order was 6 so I have 4 brand new wide mouth flasks for sale $4 a piece u pay shipping pm me
  11. redman67

    starting Yeast slanting in MA

    I just ordered all the stuff I need for slanting and now Im wondering if anyone in the area has a stock that I could grab a few samples from to help me get started. thanks Shawn
  12. redman67

    anyone familiar with Craigslist?

    how do you get your listing to come up when people do searches I listed somethings in general by owner but how do u enter keywords any help would be great
  13. redman67

    welded keggle

    I just posted an E keggel for sale in the classifieds check it out a bargin at twice the price
  14. redman67

    welded fitting E Keggel $100

    I had a new brew kettle built out of a 40 gallon SS water heater and therefore no longer need my old keggle $100 takes it 1/2 inch for ball valve 1/4 nut for temp probe and 1 in for element
  15. redman67

    Cal build with mods

    when I went to build my cal "clone" I decided to do a couple things a little different when it came to the cords I thought that the recessed female plugs were a little expensive, so I decided to make one cord that would control my heating elements This had several advantages as far as i...
  16. redman67

    homemade exhaust hood

    I brew in my cellar with an electric rig and didnt want to spend a fortune on a hood so I came up with this I used a stainless gas grill cover and mounted the inline fan to it it is hard wired to the swithch you see I removed one of the panes of my cellar window and replaced with...
  17. redman67

    Im so proud

    My boy is making beer for his science fair project He came to me for ideas for the fair and I told him we could come up with a pretty original (to science fairs at least) idea related to yeast and fermentation Were going to make a series of starters and examine the effects of agitation on...
  18. redman67

    Thinking of starting a club

    If anyone has experience they would like to share about starting a homebrew club it would be appreciated like how to go about it dos and dont's what makes for a good club etc. thanks
  19. redman67

    Corriander seeds

    Making a blue moon clone - calls for 2 ozs corriander seeds - Do I boil them whole or crush them? Thanks!
  20. redman67

    Attn. Yeast Harvesters

    I brew in 16 gallon plastic barrels with removeable lids and my question is this Once Ive racked, can i just scoop out some of the dregs to save, and if so am I looking to only skim the top off the layer. In other words is the yeast on the top or the bottom of the sedement in the primary...