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    Conical Fermenter

    Having just purchased my Spike kettles I am going to have to buy some "interim" fermenter until the conical gets released. Hurry up boys!
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    What are the disavdantages to using a rectangular cooler for a MLT?

    I use a 75qt Coleman extreme.. I fly sparge.. no problems. I built a manifold to do it of course.. I might be brewing soon and can take pictures once I dig out the brew setup. Essentially I built a copper manifold with little holes that sits across the length of the cooler.. slow drips.. never...
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    1st AG batch a total nightmare!

    So you have a keggle and an inefficient cooler. I'd make small changes as necessary and move on up to a Coleman Xtreme. Mine is great. Next, I'd get a second burner. Then I would brew 10 gallons and you'll love just how much beer you have for the same amount of work :) But as the...
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    Things I learned going from Home to Nanobrewer...

    Gordie - as you know I'm following these words heavily. Nice to see you're form Buffalo, grew up in the Lincoln Park area myself. One of us moved farther away! There's a lot of love in this thread. It's awesome. It's most assuredly the way I am heading now. Of course NY and CA are...
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    Why do people use a secondary?

    All I know is that I've read a ton of books and they all do it the same way. Clearly if you are not following my process you are doing it wrong! :) I've used a secondary almost all the time. I do this because I have extra cleaner and sanitizer around and frankly since I do an extra transfer...
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    Garage Utility Sink

    I put a sink in my garage too. Luckily my garage is under my house so I just put it in back to back with the utility sink in my laundry room and split every connection including the drain. It was a bit of a hassle to get the gravity right but I finally did. One suggestion, make sure the sink...
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    Twittering another 1 bbl brew day, Sunday 09/06

    I'll have to see what happens. I'm nowhere near ready for prime time yet. Still have a lot going on with work and school (MBA) and two kids. Still, I have the support of those who matter, now it's just a matter of getting building up to that smaller scale. I do have the luxury of potentially...
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    Twittering another 1 bbl brew day, Sunday 09/06

    So curiously.. how did you get your beer in the door? Just asked them to try it or did you know people?
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    Getting started kegging

    I think you mean the same thing on force carbonation and carbonation by CO2. Technically bottle conditioning is still carbonating by CO2. Kegging is simple once you figure out the parameters involved. Unless you get elaborate with individual regulators you are most likely going to have a...
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    Twittering another 1 bbl brew day, Sunday 09/06

    Gordie - thanks. I've looked at the NY documents and will be speaking to a few other people. Right now location would be the biggest hassle. I've got time but figured I should get into looking now so I can be better prepared. I'll be following you on Twitter to see what you come up with...
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    bac. contamination really that easy?

    Awhile back I picked up a SS food service prep table from a local deli that was closing. It's my brew cart, my table, and pretty much everything else. I simply spray some Star-San every once in awhile and worry about other things. I have a spray bottle I prep for a brew day and I'll just...
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    Twittering another 1 bbl brew day, Sunday 09/06

    A little late this time but I am following now. Very curious how you went through setting everything up in regards to licensing, etc.
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    Another Corny CO2 Leak Thread (pic)

    Those aren't pigtails...:ban:
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    My Fermentation Chamber

    I suppose I could, if the shelves can be arranged in such a way to fit everything. Most comments I've seen on uprights is that the shelves don't come out. If they do then I have a plethora of choices here. Is there any way to tell? I just need to find something that will house all the carboys.
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    brew rigs, custom built for you

    My suggestion would be to have the plans, the materials, the time to build, and the projected costs for the materials and YOUR time. In a custom build situation your LHBS should have no problem advertising the availability of such a product. There is no cost to them to do so. However they...
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    My Fermentation Chamber

    Cool. I am trying to build something that will hold 2-4 carboys. Build or buy I guess. Right now I have two primaries running my porter but this Friday I am planning to rack it to secondary and then pitch a Buckwheat Honey Black Ale on top of the yeast. The problem is that I need to control...
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    My Fermentation Chamber

    Any chance you can post a picture of it with the bucket and carboy in there? I am looking to put something together real quick. Thanks!
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    How often you check temps on single temp mash?

    I was following the recipe! :) And the good news is that since my temp dropped to 147 for the majority of the mash it was a good thing I went 90 minutes! It was my first AG and I wanted to follow the recipe so I could get an idea on how close I came. But I understand your point.. I will...
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    How often you check temps on single temp mash?

    That's what I did. I did my first AG batch last weekend. Stuck the probe in through the top and let it sit in the mash. Closed the lid down tight. I am sure I might break the probe wire at some point but it seemed to hold on pretty well. I wanted to make sure I had some experience before I...