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    Best Drunk Food?

    Messy nasty nachos!
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    Strip Clubs????

    I went to one a few years ago and it was pretty high class. You had the feeling the women were making good money and they didn't need to be there. Now I don't know what happened in the next room over. That seemed like the place where real money was being spent. On the way to the LHBS there are...
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    Make Friday Night Halloween Permanent

    Halloween is for the kiddies thats why it should be on a friday night.
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    Old Extract Kit--Should I Brew It?

    I made a batch with old extract and it was horrible. Tasted a bit like soy sauce and in a really bad way.
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    Indiana Jones

    Hmm from what I had heard it made me think that this was all fabricated. I hadn't heard of any evidence of these skulls existing before the mid 1800's (I don't know what I am talking about only looked into this online). From what I can tell there is nothing that shows that any of this is...
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    Indiana Jones

    I believe the skulls were recently proven to completely be a hoax. All of the skulls were a fake.Crystal Skulls Deemed Fakes : Discovery News : Discovery Channel
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    Do you like black licorice?

    I remember there was point when liquorice would basically physically repulse me. My body would reject it, violently. Now I love it. Its so strange how strongly it affects people. Its not like a flavor but a chemical reaction happens and you like it or reject it.
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    Trying to make a brew that SWMBO will LOVE...

    I got my SWMBO a dubble a while back and she loved that. So I have one in the primary now. Its really malty and a bit sweet, easy on hops but they are still there and a nice alcohol feel as well
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    Indiana Jones

    Yeah but the other scenarios were fun. This was garbage. Also the Ark is a fantasy element imbued with thousands of years of history. This was just a trinket proved to be fake. The movie was rancid. Even T.O.D. was a better movie.
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    Indiana Jones

    Arguing for this movie is hard but on one hand I think the aliens work with the original "pulpy" ... nope I can't really do it. I can't argue for it. I was willing to overlook the mediocre 1st half but the last half got SO MUCH WORSE! Ultimately I think Lucas is able to kill good ideas...
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    Liquorice Hefe

    I am thinking about a recipe using Hefe yeast and liquorice tea. This is one of those ideas that once into my head I can't seem to shake but I can't tell if its a tasty beer or not. Basically I have some ingredients lying around and I want to use them, I had this idea and I wanted to see what...
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    Confession Time - Crap Beer

    I drink the clamato beer. I like it. Its so flucking nasty but I like it. My wife wont even look at me when I drink it. And I know I shouldn't. I has clams in it! And not fresh clams either I am sure its nasty canned clam juice from skanky old clam brothels or something but what the hell I drink...
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    Naked City Taphouse Grand Opening!!!

    Man I am planning a trip up to the islands on Nov 6. Don't know if I can swing by.
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    Looking for a homebrewer with a dream...

    Jay regardless of your intentions I think you would have had a much different response if instead of presenting what you presented you said: -My plan is to open a brew pub in 18 months, I have a space chosen but no contract signed yet and I would like to see if this forum would be a place to...
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    My Recession Meal

    Wait why don't you just put the fat on the bread and eat it like ... bread? I guess because its stale?
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    Xingu Black Beer Clone

    It is in the Clone Beer book (hint: not the north america one). I can post a recipe when I get a second if there is still interest.
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    Your Sex Life as a Movie.

    Oh yeah Apocalypse Now.
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    Is there a career path you regret abandoning?

    I have followed some dreams and some died on their own. With this economy I may be closing my company and I am finding it really hard to know what to do next. I was lucky in that I was able to do what I wanted to and now I feel the need to move on but I have no idea what to move onto. I gave up...
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    Your Sex Life as a Movie.

    Crash, Grumpy Old Men, Night of the Living Dead, Twin Peaks,
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    What is your favorite site when your bored outta yur fargin' skull?

    FAIL Blog: Pictures and Videos of Owned, Pwnd and Fail Moments