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    Open up that carboy and give it a splash

    Ran across this interesting little piece of Web Journalism. Although homebrew dosen't tend to give bad hangovers I thought this was fun none the less. I am aware that the only way this would work is to oxigenate at the tap somehow...and actually splashing your carboy would be a bad idea...
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    Might have over fertilized

    Ok so, putting my rhizomes in the ground, I dug big holes because our soil is very clay like and has next to no nutrients. Well I think I got carried away with the fertilizer. I put about a quarter cup (recomended amount)of this SoilTech stuff that is 16-8-8 and a bout a handful to 2 handfulls...
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    Well I know what Guinness Doesn't have

    Saw how muhc success someone had with getting an ingredient list from a brewery and in my half druck stupor I decided to email guinness...their reply :P Thank you for contacting Guinness & Co. regarding nutritional information. Below you will find the information you have requested for...
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    Irish Stout at 1.020

    I brewed my first AG "Ode to Arthur" and I was supposed to get a FG of 1.012 but last week or so it got stuck at 1.020, at first I thought it was stuck fermentation so i added energizer, stirred the cake, and repitched yeast. There was some lock activity so I checked it today(a week later) and...
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    Growing on Barb wire fence

    Well I am going to start hop plants this year, and I am kind of having a hard time on the proper growth of them. I know they need a wire/trellace system to grow on but I am confused how many bines I should let each plant grow etc. Also I live in New Mexico where it gets very hot and dry in...
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    Wyeast 1007 German Ale and clarity

    Ok I am no expert on yeasts so I was browsing Wyeasts site yesterday looking for an ale yeast that would ferment fairly crisp and clean. I am planning on brewing a "Pilsner Ale," I have a friend who loves Pils but I don't have the means to lager so I want to see if I can get in the ballpark with...
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    Another first AG batch thread

    Well I did my first AG today, took me about 6 hours start to finish. :P Made BierMunchers Ode' To Arthur Irish Stout. I came in with an brew house efficiency of about 75-76% and a into boiler efficiency of 87%. I had my recipe scaled to a 65% brew house efficiency expecting to not get much...
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    Rotten Fruit flavor

    Ok I brewed this beer, it is supposed to be an extract version of BierMunchers OktoberFAST clone. The recipe is: Amount Item Type % or IBU 6.00 lb Extra Light Dry Extract (3.0 SRM) 2.00 lb Caravienne Malt (22.0 SRM) 1.00 lb Caramel/Crystal Malt - 40L 0.50 lb Caramel/Crystal Malt - 20L...
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    Denatured Alcohol

    Is denatured alcohol ok for sanitizing small things such as bottle caps etc.? I found a can of it but wasint sure if a diluted solution would be ok or if I should use Isopropyl. Im kind of in a bind and don't want to ride into town.
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    Oyster stout

    Anyone had one? How was it? We were at a gathering the other night and we started talking about stouts. I brought up the oyster stout and everyone thought I was nuts/sounded disgusting. So I want to make some to see how it tastes. Maybe a 2.5gal brew. Any good recipes floating around?
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    Late Addition of DME?

    I know if you are using lme and want a clear beer you will do a late addition if you want to avoid some of the extract twang or to keep your beer light. Do you need to do the same thing with DME as well? I assumed so thinking the sugars in that can carmelize as well but then I thought well then...
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    Noob AG question

    Ok while we are on the subject of noob Ag questions I have one: When your going to mash you 1.)take your grans and crush them 2.)Set them in an amount of water(amount ?) at varying temperatures for the enzymes to turn starch to sugars 3.)Grain is sparged with clean hot water 4.) the result...
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    Air in spigot

    First homebrew, things seem to be going well. Been in primary 8 days. I think it might be a bland beer as I think I boiled a no boil kit. Instructions said pitch the can of extract in hot/warm water. Anyways I took a sample the otherday, tasted good, smelled good. Only thing tasted funky was it...