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    keggle lids?

    For my lids I used some pizza tins that I got cheap at the local restaurant supply store. I put a drawer pull in the center for a handle. I think they were 14" lids. I had to bend them just a little so they fit both of my kegs. The one keg I have the top is bent a bit in one spot.
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    New Piece of Equipment? Ideas appreciated...

    what about a hottub?:D
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    Do these barrels make good fermenters?

    I had the same question as desertbronze. They look like they'd be a PITA to clean out. These are what I use. They have a nice gasket lid and theres a catch in the outer rim of the bucket that the lid locks into. The lid has a little trigger that you push in and unlatch the top. Cheap...
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    What Fridge should I get?

    I went with a chest freezer with a collar that I have my taps going through. I agree with SAMC, for some reason unless its very well thought out the fridge has kegs tipping and tilting. The chest freezer everythings there all connectors are clearly visible. If you have room put your CO2...
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    Sight Glass Project

    Has anyone used this before? Tygon® Chemfluor® FEP Tubing - US Plastic Corporation Its a bit flexible, but for me banging my keg around I think this would work better than a harder more breakable product.
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    Show us your sculpture or brew rig

    made from my dogs kennel fencing. Since he didnt use it anymore I thought I might as well.
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    Old Box Fan = Motor for MaltMill?

    Here's a picture of mine (with the guard removed) I'm on the same page as Wilserbrewer. Harbor Freight. I know they're not everywhere though. Rather than buying just the motor the small table top drill press was onsale for $40. So I bought that took the motor off and all of the switch...
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    Custom tap handle search

    These are not as fancy and nice as Monty's but I know they're cheaper. I found the wood in a bin outside a pallet factory. I made the one in a shape of a bone as I call my brewery the lapdog brewery (name came to me as I drank my first beer with my Jack Russell sitting on my lap) I had...
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    Monster Mill Free Upgrade

    I just pulled the trigger on a Monster Mill for a fathers day gift, they're offering a free 1/2" drive shaft upgrade till fathers day, if anyone is looking to get a mill. Just wanting to pass along the info. happy brewing...:)