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  1. edstirling

    Kegging Commercially

    oh this just occurred to me after i mentioned the weight of the liquid. Every 27.7 inches of water adds 1 psi from the weight of the liquid. You can multiply this by the specific gravity of the beer to get more exact. so the static pressure in a big tank is going to vary from top to bottom.
  2. edstirling

    Kegging Commercially

    a pro brewer would know, but I don't think the pressures need to be any higher in a 500 gallon tank then in a 5 gallon tank to carbonate the beer. But the stress in the tank walls will be much higher in the larger tank. See The formula, sigma =...
  3. edstirling

    Convert recipe: 5 gall to 1 gall

    I have done two imperial recipes at 1090 OG or so where I pitched champagne yeast into the secondary. One was a kit that included the champagne yeast for that purpose. It starts bubbling pretty quick and finishes pretty dry. I have never made a mead though, so that's probably why I don't use...
  4. edstirling

    Convert recipe: 5 gall to 1 gall

    I think dividing everything by 5 would work fine, but I dont' think there is any accurate calculator for 1 gallon batches, since any variation in liquid volume has a more significant impact on gravity. Take good hydrometer readings. If you were to use the whole 10 g of yeast, I don't think...
  5. edstirling

    Pours flat when cold ???

    someone mentioned it but priming technique is important. I always dissolve priming sugar in water and boil it on the stove for 10 minutes before pouring it into the bottling bucket. I start syphoning beer into the bucket and pour the sugar water in when the beer level is higher than the...
  6. edstirling

    Cascadian Dark Ale (CDA) Recipe or Kit

    absolutely that would work. I add adjuncts to recipe kits all the time. probably add 1/2 pound to your steeping grains ought to turn it black. Also look into "de-husked" carafa malts. They still have roasty flavors, but are not as harsh as ordinary black malts.
  7. edstirling

    Water/glycol fermentation chiller questions

    less of a hassle i think would be to get a bigger fridge off of craigslist and just put the fermenters inside. This would hold the temperatures more stable as well. using coolant you're going to have a problem with overshoot in your temp control system, since the coolant is going to be at a...
  8. edstirling

    Fellow homebrewers, meet my new beer engine . . .

    when I read beer engine I was imagining a motor that was driven by CO2 pressure made during fermentation, all being filled up at the local wort station, bunch of dudes syphoning finished beer out of their car's fuel tank, vertical exhaust pipes with a bubble lock at the top. You couldn't go...
  9. edstirling

    most tasteless beer with a cappable bottle?

    I was gonna suggest Corona. Amstel bottles work but they have thinner glass so be careful. Tsingtao has cool bottles, and tastes exactly like Budweiser (I actually think it IS Budweiser).
  10. edstirling

    Cheap Digital Scale

    I just got an Escali scale from Midwest Supplies. It was their cheapest digital. Takes 2 AA batteries. Does a good job, tareable, Goes up to 11# (although, I don't have a bowl big enough for 11# of grain), accurate to 1 gram. It has three display settings, pounds and ounces, ounces with 2...
  11. edstirling

    FermcapS rock!!! Pic

    The anti-foaming activity is from reduced surface tension. It's the same concept as when you use akali cleansers to clean your equipment, lower surface tension makes it feel slippery and allows better "wetting" of the surfaces. Simethicone would allow better wetting of the hops in your boil...
  12. edstirling

    Uses for Booster

    1) looks like the booster is just more sugar so it'll just make the beer a more alcoholic. Might want to add another ounce of dry hops to balance the added sweetness if you end up using both. 2) I've never used Mr. Beer so I don't know. booster doesn't look like it'll contribute much flavor...