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    Carboy question

    I've used the plastic water bottles before. Never had any problems with them. Just make sure you don't pour any kind of boiling water into to it as markg954 said. Another thing is that make sure you have a way to put an airlock on it. I made a 5 gallon batch and the airlock wasn't on it good...
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    To stir or not to stir???

    I am going to have to start asking more about making a coconut wine(using the water). Mana Island is very nice. I went out there for a site inspection and was surprised. I also like outrigger. I used to go there a lot. My parents own a travel company so I've been to most of the resorts in...
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    To stir or not to stir???

    I live on the main island near pacific harbor. What part did you go to???its a nice place. I have tried to make coconut toddy about 5 times and each time it all fails. I have no clue how to make it. I love the taste though. Would you happen to know how to make it?
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    To stir or not to stir???

    Lol. I was actually born in cali but moved to Fiji at a young age. Fijian's make a home brew of just sugar, water, yeast and a slice of fruit.....tastes awful! But i usually let it stand for about 1-3 months. Depending on how it looks. After about 3 weeks i usually start to add in sugar...
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    To stir or not to stir???

    Hey rmck1, I'm new here but i've made fruit wines quite a bit. I always stir/swirl my wash every day for about a week. Making sure the yeast or what ever is stuck on the bottom is disturbed. It always seems to give me a positive result. I have been told it helps the brewing process keeping the...