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    Primary in Whiskey Barrel

    Hello brewers! :mug: I'll try to keep this as brief as possible. I'm in the military and go home to Maine for Christmas each year. Last year I got my brother into brewing and we made a batch of flemmish sour which we planned on drinking this year. Our plan was to brew a new batch each...
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    120 minute IPA problem

    I brewed this yesterday as the 1st part of a parti gyle brew along with an oatmeal stout. The recepie calls for 20 lbs of corn sugar during the boil... Which I found safe and sound in the box this morning. Too many beers I guess. I'm going to just add the sugar to the primary.. Anyone think...
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    No choice.. Melomel on fruit

    I just racked a batch of strawberry melomel and got word that I'll be deploying...again. Is it okay to bulk age mead on the fruit for a year-ish? I don't have much choice on what happens to it next, just trying to guess what my post deployment drink will taste like.
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    About to deploy for a year

    I've been brewing for a little less than a year now and am completely hooked. I'm in the Army and about to deploy for about a year and want to start a few batches before I leave. I'm not setup for all grain so will be brewing 4 batches of... something. I know I'm going to do a barleywine...
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    Introduction and obligatory newbee question

    Hey all! I'm new to brewing in that I've only bottled (and drank) 2 5 gal batches from extract kits from the local homebrew store and am absolutely hooked. I'm impressed with the amount of knowledge on this site and salute y'all in contributing to my new hobby. :mug: Sooo I stumbled on...