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    This looks like my kinda fun:
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    Ok which is it?

    I say a blonde or lighter beer is harder to make than a dark beer. I believe this because any "off flavors" will be much more evident than an off flavor in a dark beer. The guy who runs the LHBS that I buy from says "any jerk can make a blonde beer". He has been brewing for over 20 years! I...
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    removing kegs from cold

    i have a nicely conditioned vienna light all grain brew that has been tapped for 4 days. Can i remove it from the kegerator and let it age a little more at 65 degrees? Will this ruin my brew?
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    hot water with iodophor???

    i always used iodofor with cold water. Now the guy who runs the LBS says to use hot water. Whats the answer?
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    where did i see a beer line clamp?

    i know i saw a beer line restrictor clamp somewhere, now i cant remember where! it is used to reduce foam in draft beer systems
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    how long will it last?

    just a quick question about kegging. i will be using a 2 tower system for homebrew i wondered how long a 5 lb co2 bottle will last on this system? should i just go for the 10 lb bottle? thanks
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    importance of temp on pilsner or lager

    i am fermenting a batch of pre-prohibition lager and wondered how important it is to hit the first fermentation temperature of 50 degrees? i will be able to lager this at 35 degrees in secondary. right now its at about 58 degrees in primary.
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    northern brewer ag kits

    found the nb ag kits looking good...anyone have opinions on these kits and recipes?
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    don't hesitate

    thats right, dont wait to brew an AG batch. brewed up biermunchers cream ale recipe just one month ago and this so much better than any extract kit i tried. it is a very tasty beer. the results are so much better than i ever expected! more work but sooooo worth it!!
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    using the ag recipe for honey ale

    does the honey go in the boil or is it added later?
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    harsh throat dryness

    made a true brew canadian ale kit...followed the instructions racked to secondary after two weeks in primary bottled after 2 more weeks and it has conditioned in bottles for 2 weeks it has a very dry throat feel...otherwise it aint bad anyone know how this happened? what could give it this...
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    first taste of true brew canadian ale kit

    followed standard instructions in kit.racked to secondary after 2 weeks, bottled 3 weeks later...just sampled after only 1 week in bottles..... f'n AWESOME....poured into a pilsner glass and got a 2" foamy cream colored hesd.the head held on till the end of the beer..leaving a nice lace on...
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    revisiting the beer in a bag

    hey just a quick update to the posts about 6 gals of wort...and a simple addition of yeast to kick has now been in the bottle for 4 weeks..tried one tonight...nice light blonde beer..tastes good.
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    cloudy pilsner

    started a batch of pilsner 2 wks ago, true brew kit,tested with hydro yesterday at 1.01..racked to glass carboy,nice yellow golden color...but super super cloudy, tastes this normal??
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    lawnmower beer?

    started a new brew today...the guy at the brew store set me up with these in gredients:1: 4 lbs mounmellick light lager LME 2: 2 lbs. extra light DME 3: 1 oz. of spalt select pellet hops boiled DME&LME for 50 min then added the hops for 10 more min. sound like...
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    secondary fermentation

    started a true brew kit---canadian ale, kinda moosehead clone---stood in primary for a week and then racked to secondary---two weeks elapsed and now i have a nice white head in the this a good thing or bad news? is it time to bottle?
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    fermenting in bottling bucket

    i was told by a reliable source, to not use a plastic bottling bucket for fermenting, because the spigot is hard to clean and could cause infection, any ideas, opinions, etc appreciated.
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    does anyone have experience with festa brew

    just used a festa brew kit...just wort in a bag and add yeast to start. wondered if anyone can say if this is good or bad? thanks