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  1. J

    Will this work on a Paintball tank? has the whole set up for $55. if you dont already have a regulator its probably worth it to just buy it all there.
  2. J

    Price surge comming to US?

    fortunately here in the boston area there is a lot of competition for craft and micro brews, and it tends to keep prices of good beer down. But in all honesty i wouldnt mind paying a small increase at the register if the money goes to the breweries. however i suspect most of the mark up comes...
  3. J

    New keezer vs. new fridge

    if you want 5 kegs, a 5lb and a 10lb tank i would go with the 14cf. you can find 9 cf that should certainly fit 5 kegs and a tank (collar might be necessary depending). But it is up to you to weigh the costs vs size. you could also use the 10lbs tank with a secondary and keep the 5lb on...
  4. J

    Scrap Value

    i suspect you will likely get around $20 bucks for the keg. the problem is finding a place you can bring it to and getting a decent deal. assuming a keg weights 25-30 lbs empty, and you can get 70-80cents a lbs you are likely to breaking even at the moment. if you stockpile and wait for...
  5. J

    Craigslist find - should I buy?

    looks like a decent deal. you can probably find a use for or sell the sanke, and converting the lines isnt too hard. but if its a full co2 and nitogen systems (ie tanks and regulators), and you want nitrogen, and a dual tap tower then its worth it. you could probably save some money doing it...
  6. J

    upgrade from 1 keg to 2+ kegs

    planing for the future is a good idea. though it is not to difficult to add a 3rd tap yourself down the road if you get a 3" tower. you can drill it out yourself or get an extension cap with another tap or two. also if you save the money on the tower now you could invest it in a secondary...
  7. J

    Door Mounted Faucets on Mini Fridge

    you may be able to put the shanks high enough to clear the top of the kegs, depending on the internal height. or you could keep the shank to the center or sides of the door where the kegs are not sticking out as far. finally you could always do a small false top. the key will be getting the...
  8. J

    Kegs and my Future bar

    for cooling i would try just run the lines through a pvc pipe, with some cheap pipe insulation. shouldnt cost more than $10-15 for 10-12 feet. if that doesnt work well enough for you could invest in a plate chiller and cheap/free mini fridge or something along those lines.
  9. J

    PSI for different beers???

    all else being equal browns and stouts should have lower carb levels, which would equal lower psi. two things i can think of would cause homebrew to require higher psi however. first is co2 absorption. if your homebrew has not been sitting on the gas for a couple weeks (or been "force...
  10. J

    buying/building a tap tower onto my chest freezer

    if it was me and i really wanted 4 taps, i would likely go with a 2 x 2 tap setup. just seems easier to manage two taps per tower than dealing with all 4 in one. also since its a chest freezer i dont suspect 2 holes will be any more difficult than 1. as for where to buy i saw some good prices...
  11. J

    Can't find Corny tools

    any chain store your going to be hit or miss on associate knowledge. the official training really focuses on marketing and customer relations. very little focus is really put into product knowledge. that being said many of the associates are or were in the trades, or been there long enough to...
  12. J

    perlick tower?

    i saw had some great prices on stainless towers and offered perlicks as an option.
  13. J

    Where can i buy cheap growlers?

    and if your beer looks like the soda you can drink em anywhere :tank:
  14. J

    Kegging 3 gallons?

    adventures in homebrewing has used 3 gallons on sale for $50 (~60 shipped), which is the best i have seen. still more than a 5 gallon. Unless you have space constraints, or do a lot of small batches, its likely not worth it.
  15. J

    Sanitizer - I think I found a nice alternative

    i would trust the msds sheet, its required to be accurate by law. though calling and checking its the correct sheet you are using is a good idea.
  16. J

    Will this keg work?

    as has been said corny (pepsi/coke kegs) are easier for home use. and the kegs used generally only go for $30-40 in the US (,, ect.), which is really one of the least expensive parts of the setup. for a keg setup you will also need a fridge, which you can find old...
  17. J

    Closed circuit counterflow chiller

    yes but when its that cold 50lbs of ice is pretty easy to come by
  18. J

    Head Room In A Secondary

    assuming you keep your wort stationary head space wont have any effect at all. the surface area in most fermenters will be the same with 2 gallons as it is with 4 or 5. And co2 is heavier than o2 so it will form a barrier as it seeps out of the wart to keep that surface area protected. the...
  19. J

    Covering pot during emerssion chill?

    i just use a worn out tshirt soaked in star san solution. just make sure what ever tshirt, towel ect is clean and soak it in the sanitizer bucket. also do not cover it until after the pot is off the heat.
  20. J

    Advice on possible kegorator purchase - Would you buy it?

    from the looks of it the housing and tower itself would be worth the 300. looks like the refrigeration unit would be fairly easy to replace. could even put it inside the main housing if your just using cornys.