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    Brewer's Friend A Whole New Experience

    I've only had opportunity to use this tool a few times, but the experience has been great, and looks to be even more promising. As I slowly convert to a new kegging system, I look forward to using BF to help with the transition.
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    Irish Red Ale Bishop Garity's Irish Red

    Its a bit late for a response - but I'm glad you enjoy the recipe! It was my first 'real' ag recipe, and definitely one of my favorites. :ban: - B916
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    Recipe reduction... yeast reduction?

    I have a 5 gal pumpkin ale recipe I make around this time of year, using 2 packs of Danstar Nottingham yeast to get a good fast fermentation. I plan to reduce the recipe to 2.5 gallons this year, due to pipeline full, spice beers and pumpkin beers galore. Do I need to reduce the yeast by...
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    Beer software?

    There are enough 'Help with Beersmith' threads on these forums to make me NOT want to try that platform. Not only would it cost me a recurring fee to port all of my recipes over to their cloud server, the client itself is not truly cloud based so I can't tinker with the app and my recipes from...
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    Beer software? Decent program. Cloud based. Cheap. The three points of awesomeness! Check it out. - B916
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    Will it be available for Android?
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    Brewzor Quitting?

    Ah gotcha...
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    Brewzor Quitting?

    I can't seem to get to *shrug. Got a link?
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    Brewzor Quitting?

    Old post. :smack: Last I heard Brewzor was DOA.
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    Free beer software?

    Ahaha gotcha.. :)
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    Free beer software?

    Brewtarget is free
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    Free beer software?

    Brewer's friend does a great job of keeping their site updated. Plus it offers allot more than what can be done with pencil and paper, lol. Believe me, I've progressed from paper brew notes, to excel spreadsheet, to cloud software. Brewer's friend is one of the best available, I give it my...
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    My dream software....

    +1 ... no matter what software I use the brew day calculations always seem to get the water volumes wrong. I have to use the brew365 water calculator outside of whatever brew day software I'm using, which is a pain. In the midst of things, I've actually shut down the brew timers trying to get...
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    Free beer software? Free limited trail, cheap annual fee for full membership..
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    droid brewing apps is optimized for mobile displays. No real need for an app, per se', although they do have one on Google Play. It's mostly just a collection of calculators etc. The website is the way to go.
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    Can steamer pot be used for all grain brewing ?

    I'm not sure he was planning to use the pot to mash in... The pot itself would be used for the boil and shouldn't present any issues for holding temperature. I use a tamale steamer for my boil pot, ... Once you get it boiling it should be fine. - B916
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    Android BrewAide-Brew Day Assistant- Free

    It is a beerxml file created from brewer's friend export function... it does not seem to be displaying the batch or boil size info. I emailed you the raw file. Thanks and happy holidays!
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    Android BrewAide-Brew Day Assistant- Free

    I loaded it but it doesn't seem to load the batch volume when i am accessing the recipe using dropbox, thus the mash calculations are not working, etc
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    How do you reuse yeast? has some good beginner-friendly information
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    first brew (train wreck?)

    A couple of batches ago I dropped the cap to the yeast vial into my wort, I just let it sit in there, figuring the angry lil' yeasties would eat anything that was on there. Good luck on that first brew! It's a beginning to a hoby that will last a lfetime... - B916