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    Secondary Fermentation Temperature

    I brewed something similar to Anchor Steam using WLP001 California Ale Yeast without a starter. My mash temperature was a little high at 157, I failed to sufficiently aerate to wort prior to pitching the yeast. The primary fermentation temperature was a constant 70 degrees. My OG was 1.060...
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    Need to remove oil smell in corny

    Hello, I purchased a corny keg yesterday and the gas key plug assembly was so tight that I needed to use a liquid penetrate to loosen it. Now my keg still smells of the liquid penetrate oil after soaking in oxyclean and PBW overnight. Does anyone have any ideas as to how to completely...
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    Star San in fermentation bucket

    Hello, I pitched my yeast about 20 hours ago and still yet to see any fermentation activity. I am worried that the 3 gallons of Sar Stan I left soaking in the fementation bucket for an hour may have killed the yeast. Is that possible?
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    Did I boil too long? 80 minutes

    Hello, I ended up boiling my wort from 6.5 to 4.5 gallons over 80 minutes. What impact will this have on the finisheded product? I added half a gallon of bottled spring water to the cooled wort to compensate for the volume boiled off. Did I make a big mistake by adding and/or not boiling the...