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  1. MussBrew

    Have Some Basic Questions About Brewing Kombucha

    I just recently got a new scoby and started a batch of kombucha. It's been a week and the tea smells and tastes delicious, however, it's not fizzy at all. I've read the cure for this is second fermenting in a bottle but I'm worried that the yeast cultures with the scoby are dormant or no...
  2. MussBrew

    My new Cube Mash Tun

    After reading several threads on the Igloo 50 quart cube cooler, here's is my solution! I used four layers of 16"x24' Reflectix around the outside of the cooler and used "great stuff" foam for insulating the lid. I will post how well the mash temp holds later this week!
  3. MussBrew

    Brew sculpture on CL (not mine)

    Here's a brew tree for sale in Portlsnd Oregon. Not mine.
  4. MussBrew

    Hard Plumbing Questions For My Single Tier...

    I have an adjustable industrial shelf that sits on top of a dolly with the measurements of 24"x24"x60" for my single tier stand. On each side I have two burners and in the middle a cooler mash tun. I would like to hard plumb a gas line to both burners and an optional 3rd in for the middle for...
  5. MussBrew

    March Pump Control Box

    Just want to say thanks to lanvp for this build! Just tested it out and it ROCKS :rockin:
  6. MussBrew

    Looking for some good summer time beer recipes!

    Does anyone have any good summer time AG recipes they would suggest or like to share? I really enjoy a light colored, (5SRM), malty beer with a subtle hint of hops! I make 5 gal batches...
  7. MussBrew

    Suggestions for a good Bavarian Weisbier

    I'm planning on making a Bavarian Weisbier for my next 5 gal batch. Anyone have any good suggestions, recipes, or techniques I should use to make a masterpiece? !!! I AG with single infusion mash and batch sparging...
  8. MussBrew

    Making Cheap Labels For Bottles?

    I'm wanting to design a label for some of my brews.... Does anyone with labeling experience know what's the best way to get started? My girlfriend wants to design on paper, but I don't know where I should go from there.... Does anyone know of a place that will replicate bottle labels for...
  9. MussBrew

    Finding Bulk save $$$$

    I was wondering if anyone knew of a good web site that I could order hops in bulk to save $$$. My LHBS is charging $4.95 / 2oz of hops and doesn't sell in bulk... I'm looking for Fuggles and Goldings. Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks, Muss Brew _______________________ Primary: Olga's...
  10. MussBrew

    I just ordered a 15# Barley Crusher!

    I just wanted to let the world know that I ordered a 15# Barley Crusher from Beer Smith! I was hoping that some of you religious Barley Crusher users and believers could give me a few tips of how to maintain it once I start using it... :ban: