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  1. adagiogray

    Augustijn Ale - recipe request?

    I really like Augustijn. A lot. Almost as much as Chimay blue label/Grand Reserve. I think it's got a unique and delicious flavor that I enjoy moreso than many others in the in the tripel/belgian golden ale category. Has anyone come across an all-grain clone recipe specifically for this? My...
  2. adagiogray

    Last-minute force carb

    Ok - new to kegging here, and trying to compensate for some oversights. I had read some threads on force carbing, but it never occurred to me that the temps discussed were at fridge temps, not basement temp. I found some charts today that show I am way super under-carbed. Short version of...
  3. adagiogray

    Humor: The Subtle Art of Beer Snobbery ;)

    A friend of mine reposted this article to my Facebook page from the "Modern Drunkard Magazine"(website) by Frank Kelly Rich, and I found it pretty hilarious. Here's a link to the original if you like:
  4. adagiogray

    Feedback please - Brother Gray's BDSM (Belgian Dark Strong Malt) Ale

    I pieced this together on Please let me know what you think! May back off the Special B to lighten the color up a bit. I'm going to give it a go this weekend. Malt & Fermentables % WT Malt or Fermentable °L 68% 10 lb Belgian Two-row Pale 1 ~ 14% 2 lb Sugar, Table...
  5. adagiogray

    Can't find cascade rhizomes!?!

    Heya. I've got my first year hops garden going... 2 nuggets taking off, one cascade that has broken ground and is small, 2 mt. hood that are doing ok, and a couple of willamettes that are still small. One of my cascades didn't sprout, i dug it up and it had rotted. both freshops and...
  6. adagiogray

    Recipe assistance - Spiced Oatmeal Stout?

    Ok - So I'm still very much a novice 2 years into this. I've been tasked with coming up with a spiced oatmeal stout for a friend's wedding. (I'm also brewing up a scottish, but I'm pretty confident and experienced with the recipe I'll be using for that). I have no idea how to use an app like...
  7. adagiogray

    Planting this weekend - Need some soil advice!

    I've read most places that a 'sandy loam' is optimal for growing hops. I've also read that loam soils are a variable ratio of sand, silt, and clay as described in this diagram: Gathering what I could about those ratios, I interpreted that...
  8. adagiogray

    Attention Ohio growers - is it rhizome planting time? :)

    ....or not quite yet? I will be growing for the first time this year. I just ordered 2 rhizomes each of Nugget, Cascade, Mt. Hood, and Willamette from . I'm pretty confident we're past our last frost here in central Ohio, but is it warm enough at night consistently...
  9. adagiogray

    New grower - central Ohio

    Hello. I'm planning on growing for the first time this year in my small back yard in a suburb of Columbus. I'm planning to order some rhizomes from , and I'm looking for some guidance as to hop choice. Keep in mind I am NOT a hop head, as a general rule, I'm a malt...
  10. adagiogray

    New to corny kegging - storage?

    My brewing buddy just invtested in a single corny setup. I've got a belgian that's about ready to go to bottle, or possibly keg. My question is, once the beer is put in the keg, does it have to be chilled? If not, do you have to keep it chilled once you start dispensing? Do you need to use...
  11. adagiogray

    My first all grain - Just pitched a Honey Hefe

    Howdy again, all. I just made an attempt at recreating Sir Humpsalot's Hefe Candy listed here: It looked and smelled delicious. In fact, after the mash, I was tempted to toss some milk on the grain and dig in. ;) I was working with an...
  12. adagiogray

    Hersbrucker - a good Hallertau substitute?

    So - I'm finding some conflicting info. My LHBS had Hersbrucker, not 'Hallertau' hops. When I see a recipe calling for Hallertau hops, I was told that the Hersbrucker hops are grown in the Hallertau region.. Is this still the same?
  13. adagiogray

    Medieval Ale - thoughts on a recipe?

    OK, wasn't sure if it belonged in the beginner or all-grain forums, as both apply here. :) I'm still very much a novice brewer, but I like to think I've tried some more challenging recipes out of the gates, and I like to experiment. I'm also a participant in the SCA (Society for Creative...
  14. adagiogray

    National Homebrewing Day - 'Big Beer' Event

    CBC (Columbus Brewing Company), one of our local Columbus, OH microbreweries celebrated National Homebrew Day by giving out free wort and inviting folks to come out, setup, and brew up a batch using the wort, and do their own tweaks as far as yeast and hops. They also gave my brewing buddy and I...
  15. adagiogray

    Soo.. we were going to bottle today...

    Well.. We thought my brew buddy's Midwest Supply Irish Stout kit was ready to bottle. We had his stout in the primary for 2 weeks, and the secondary for a week, it had only dropped from 1.024 to 1.020 over the course of a week(OG was 1.040ish). We had everything ready to bottle, sanitized.. But...
  16. adagiogray

    Dry yeast rehydrated (6 hours)

    A buddy got a batch of stout wort brewed up. We rehydrated the dry yeast from his kit for 15ish minutes, then added a small bit of diluted liquid malt extract to test it. The response wasn't great, but we were called away before the wort had cooled enough for us to pitch the yeast in. We came...