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    How many BTUs should I start with?

    I just found a guy selling a brand new turkey fryer kit for $30. It is a Bayou Classic and the burner is 55,000 BTU. It seems like a great deal and will allow me to do 5 gallon batches (I am new to all-grain but only 3 gal batches with my electric stove). Question is this: Is 55,000 BTU...
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    Nugget hops

    So I found a guy that has a few nugget hop vines growing in my area. He dried them and will sell them for $10 per pound. I'm still fairly noobish and have never used nugget before. For the price I figure I can't go wrong. No idea of AA% but I'll bet I could do a nice IPA or something. Any...
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    Does anybody use a "Party Pig?"

    I have seen the Party Pig ads in BYO and other places and wondered if anyone is using them? I don't have the room (or $) for an extra fridge and am getting sick of bottling. It seems like it would be a good interim solution but want to get opinions/reviews from anyone that uses them. Let me know.