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  1. RobBug

    Help with water amounts on IPA.

    I am getting ready to brew the Dogfish Head 90min IPA. I need some help with the mash/sparging steps. I have an 8 gallon brew kettle (7.5 effective boiling) and a 10 gallon square/tall cooler as a mash tun (preheated). Beersmith is telling me the following: (I did tweak the numbers)...
  2. RobBug

    Thank you HomeBrewTalk

    Hey, I want to say thank you to all those that continue to post their great ideas on these boards for lurkers like me to take the plunge. After 2 years of sitting on the fence, the opportunity arose to where I could build a keezer in 3 hours. Once SWMBO got tired of the chest freezer she...