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  1. Malferes

    Plum wine recipe?

    Fellow crafters, I am looking for a Plum wine recipe. I have an Italian plum tree that is ready for the picking. My apologies if I am posting in the wrong forum. Michael
  2. Malferes

    How does one upload an attachment here?

    What do I have to do to upload label pictures here? Michael
  3. Malferes

    Honeymoon Mead

    Hi all, Here's the recipe for my Honeymoon Mead. 5 gallon batch 6lbs carrot blossom honey 6lbs sage blossom honey 3lbs Oregon clover honey lalvin 7ib-1122 champagne yeast yeast nutrient 12.5% abv Michael
  4. Malferes

    Bottling time!

    Should I add So2 at bottling? I added 30ppm in mid April. I started this batch last August, racked in February. It has cleared to a brilliant amber gold. Michael
  5. Malferes

    Daingerous Nut Brown Ale

    Here is another attempt to upload a label here...there is a little box on posting rules and it says I can not upload attachments, but I uploaded the label in the gallery. What gives? Michael
  6. Malferes

    Harmony Hill Riesling

    Here is my wine label I have been using for a few years now, also are versions of Gewurztraminer, Eiswein & Edelzwicker (my Riesling & Gewurz blend). I was able to upload this label in the gallery and my profile, but not here. Any ideas? Thanks Michael
  7. Malferes

    Formula for raising brix before fermentation

    Hi fellow crafters, does anyone have a formula for increasing brix before fermentation? I have misplaced the one I was fairly simple, something like grams of sugar per gallon = One degree brix. Any ideas? Also, what kind of sugar would you recommend? thanks Michael