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    Autumn Seasonal Beer Thunderstruck Pumpkin Ale (AG and Extract versions)

    Is the extract recipe on Page 1 still accurate. I've read through some of this thread (THERE IS A LOT!) and it seems to be a lot of different people chiming in doing different things. Is this page 1 recipe still the main way to go? Thank you
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    Back at it after 5 years

    I do have a hydrometer and thermometer. I don't know if my hydrometer is broke or not at this point, but I have one. Its nice to know the gravity readings although it isn't necessary to taste, good for record keeping. I also have a pretty good size funnel, need to find my plastic tubing in...
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    Back at it after 5 years

    Casual brewer, usual hybrid extract brews. I have done AG only once, and that was with a more experience brewer and his equipment.
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    Fresh HOPS

    Have a cascade hops plant and are ready for harvest. Can I freeze them if not using immediately? Dry them first? Use right away fresh? Aroma, bittering, or flavor better with fresh hops? Thanks in advance for the advice.
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    Back at it after 5 years

    Hello all! Glad to be back. After many life changes it is time for me to get back into brewing! It's been 5 years since I've brewed and am looking for some advice on what to start back up with. Here are some information about my equipment: Looking to brew this Sunday and have no...
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    My Imperial Pumpkin Extract Recipe Help Pleeease!

    i did this two years ago, i used real pumpkin, cooked in oven, and then put in primary, removed during the secondary stage so as to let the beer clear up. it tasted great.
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    Homebrew Stores (Near Mundelein, IL)

    Thanks all, Luckily im further out by McHenry at times so CL isnt terribly far from that. Gurnee....guess i could have my fill of Great American then brew. ha. House closing is in Gurnee....might be a good gift to myself.
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    Homebrew Stores (Near Mundelein, IL)

    Anyone know of any?! Would much appreciate it, moving this weekend!
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    Cranberry Wine

    update...i moved a lot, never made did your guys turn out?
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    Wildwest's brew lean-to (my almost dream build)

    Just read the entire thread.....awesome!
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    what is your occupation

    Architectural Intern unemployed....and looking
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    Still not carbonating

    if it tastes good u can keg it...or if there is yeast u can add a little sugar to each bottle then recap
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    Cranberry Beer?

    I'd like to make a cranberry flavored beer that is not a lambic. I also cannot mash as i dont have the equipment for AG, just a glorified extract brewer with steeping and such. any ideas?
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    I am a Master's of Architecture graduate come May 16. I am in desperate need of a job in the Madison-Milwaukee-Chicago area. If anyone on here knows of a job or has connections to a firm please let me know, I have been trying real hard to find a job in my career and am having a very hard...
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    Backyard Brewpub

    i understand that its goign to be for brewing...what else are you putting in their? and why such a high pitched roof?...gonna be awesome and throw some solar panels up there?
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    4 Word Story

    **tangent---had to see how someone could overcome that one**
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    4 Word Story

    The End, Story Over
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    Midwest Brew Tour

    im goign to reiterate Sprecher just north of downtown it! u got ur itinerary yet?
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    Midwest Brew Tour

    I may suggest Sprecher Brewery 5 minutes north of downtown milwaukee, they have some interesting beer. Also yes on Lakefront! make sure you hit it .....Point Brewery in Steven's Point, WI. and if ur doing a brewery tour...hit up the big brewery that helped overcome Prohibition and allow our...
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    Backyard Brewpub

    adunno how much extra cash you have laying around...but that roof is ideal for solar panels