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    Perhaps a silly question--but I can't find it in a number of my books. Lots of people seem to reference it. Can anyone give me more of a specific definition? Thank you.
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    I have been having a common problem with my brews--they all smell and taste of fromaledyhde (that is the best description I can give)-- what is going on? I was concerned that I had been thinning things out a bit -- now I don't know. Did I get an infection?
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    My formula - calculating sparge water

    Here is my formula for adding water to the mash: X lbs * 1.1 quarts = y, y/4 = gallons of water for the mash. This is what I have been taught by a number of micro brew stores. My problem is the sparge--how much do I draw? Considering the fact that I am making a 5 gallon batch and I know that...