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  1. Sweet T

    I bought 3 cascade rhizomes off of ebay

    Oh WOW! Mee too!
  2. Sweet T

    I bought 3 cascade rhizomes off of ebay

    Mustang, did you get yours already, and have you planted them?
  3. Sweet T


    Heehee I lubs that song
  4. Sweet T

    I bought 3 cascade rhizomes off of ebay

    now I'm wondering why the heck I did?:drunk: Well for one thing, I really think I'm going to enjoy growing these thangs! Sounds like they can grow UNCONTROLLABLY if you let them, but I have a super green thumb and couldn't help myself! And I haven't even brewed a "kit" yet! HAHAHA! I read...
  5. Sweet T

    Hey Y'all, talk to me!

    Wow, some great advice! Sorry about the bumps, I've been lurking a little but very sick and am getting back to reality.
  6. Sweet T

    Noob question - cheap fermenter?

    Sorry for the hijack, DP, but it seems as you got your answer and I've been following this thread with interest. I have yet to brew my first batch. Still collecting and learning, as cheap as I can. Don't even have the Mr. Beer, I'm trying to collect stuff that will "grow" with me for awhile...
  7. Sweet T

    Crazy goose attacking dog

    Me too! he had that goose 'round the neck, all he had to do was SWING! What a good DOG!
  8. Sweet T

    I heart Craigslist!!!!

    Wow! Nope, I placed an ad and the only answer I got was one of those Mr.Beer getups. That's not what I'm wanting, but maybe I need to try again!
  9. Sweet T

    What's your favorite homebrew recipe?

    I'm sure every newbie asks this same question so please forgive me. But I can't help but ask! so, what's your favorite recipe, the one you keep making again and again, and why?
  10. Sweet T

    Fantastic deal on turkey fryer!! (for boiling wort)

    I'd like to hear more on this. Anyone else have an opinion?
  11. Sweet T

    Are you guys for real?

    Me? yep, I really do like xx amber and I don't like to drink bud/coors. I'd never turn one down if someone was offering one to me, but given the choice I'll always lean toward some color/flavor. But then it may be due to that lime wedge ~ I don't like Corona though. You do make a girl think...
  12. Sweet T

    I learned a new technique this week

    yeah, but I like big beer... I think?
  13. Sweet T

    I learned a new technique this week

    ewwww, so did you have this mess inside your house? I'm thinking this project needs to be an outdoor one! thanks for the heads up, I'm brand new.
  14. Sweet T

    Hey Y'all, talk to me!

    I'm just about ready to purchase my first "kit"... but I may go out and buy everything I need myownself. Or maybe I'll drop the hints for Mother's Day! I like more expensive beer, I just can't wrap my lips around a coors lite, so I'm here to learn, and tickled pink that I've found such a large...