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  1. Z

    Forrest from AHS - Rogness Brewing

    Well said daksin! Only 24 hours to go and less than a grand needed!
  2. Z

    Forrest from AHS - Rogness Brewing

    $22 shy of $10 grand! But still short of the final goal and they get nothing unless it is reached. Just over 48 hours to go... Rogness Brewing Company - Hand crafted small batches by Rogness Brewing Company — Kickstarter
  3. Z

    Help with potty-humor concept....

    If the date was April 1, this would make more sense. You seriously think it is a good idea to associate the thought of excrement and your beer?
  4. Z

    Super wort chiller

    Just saw this badass super wort chiller on ebay: 60 Foot Copper Super Wort Chiller - HOMEBREW - eBay (item 170286373380 end time Dec-17-08 09:07:14 PST) Dont have money to get it so thought I'd let my HBT friends know about it. Cheers!