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    Cooling the sugar water?

    phew, I still might sweat it though!
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    Hoppy Father's Day!!

    you have a VERY generous wife :-) :mug:
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    Cooling the sugar water?

    OK, just bottled my double IPA lastnight. Everything went smooth, except I didn't cool the sugar water down before I mixed it into the bottling bucket. I was going through some threads today and found out that was a no no. I started racking from carboy to bottling bucket, then dumped the sugar...
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    Brown Sugar

    Getting ready to bottle my double IPA. I really want to prime it with brown sugar. I like to experiment so I thought what they hell. Its sitting at about 9-10% and I aged it with medium toast oak chips. I tripled pitched it with yeast, so I was wondering how much brown sugar to use for 5...