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    Keggle? Mash Tun?

    About to acquire a 1/2 barrel from a local brewery. Trying to decide what would be more prudent, to convert into a mash tun or a kettle? Opinions are welcome. One keg! One choice! :) Thanks!
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    Mash Tun Tainted

    Hello everyone, I have a Coleman Xtreme 70-Quart cooler,, that I converted into a mash tun. I've done several all grain batches from it but had a time in which it got away from me and spent grain sat in there longer than it should...
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    Efficiency Questions/Problems

    So, I have a Coleman 70-quart Xtreme Cooler converted for batch sparging and brewed up a Smoked Breakfast Stout today. Preboil gravity came in at 1.030 and gravity after boiling came in at 1.050. I was targeting for about 1.075, the recipe is as follows 10.5lbs 2Row 4lbs Dark Munich .5lb Kiln...
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    RIS Explosion

    I went to pull the lid off my RIS I brewed back in December for the monthly taste and I couldn't, so I pulled the pressure relief and got a copious amount of foamy beer come shooting out of the valve (like got my pants a bit soaked by how aggressive it was). I then took it to the shower w/...
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    Converting a Fridge

    Changing over a newer (newer I mean newer than my old hotpoint fridge) Kenmore fridge. Model schematics are here: I want to put the taps...
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    Maytag Kegerator

    Hey there, looking to convert a maytag fridge/freezer into my new kegerator seeing as my last one died in the last few days. With the newer fridges ,90's, would be alright to go off the right side of the fridge? I like it to the right as it allows me clear access inside for storage of bottles...
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    IIPA 1056 Yeast Question

    Hey there, I'm going to transfer my Pliny AG clone and have an abundance of yeast at the bottom. I'm going to transfer and then take the slurry off with some boiled water into a growler, at the same time I'll be mashing/boiling a Oberon clone. Can I do all this in one day? From the sense of...
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    Corn Sugar/Dextrose

    Disregard, please delete. Thank you.
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    American Wheat

    Looking to brew an American Wheat beer w/ half 2 row and half wheat malt. Got some left over yeast slurry from this strain: What do you guys think of using this? Otherwise I have a slurry of this strain...
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    Apa og 1.020!!!

    Yeah, thats right, I nailed a session APA with an origional gravity of 1.020. How could I have gone this wrong with the recipe of this: 8lbs 2 Row 10oz Cara 40 6oz Carapils Hit a low temp of 134 after cooling with 2 liters of 60 degree water after getting temps of 160 when I doughed in...
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    Summer Brewing Ideas

    I'm sitting on a bit of Warrior, a bit of Ahntanum, and a ton of Cascade. Looking to throw this one out to the board and see what the community could put together for a nice summer beer (pale ale has crossed my mind) to brew tomorrow. Open to any recipes, but must be AG, thanks!
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    Cracked Grain

    How long will cracked grain last? I've got in a plastic bag, sealed up and in my fermentation closet that keeps at about 65 degrees. I got sick over the weekend and didn't brew today like I wanted to. I would like to brew two weeks from today if the grain will keep, if not I'll squeeze it in...
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    Old WOrt

    So during an all grain batch, I pulled off a few gallons more than I could boil or use. Is it possible like 12 hours later to make a mini beer with it? Boil it for 30 and use some leftover hops I have and some yeast slury on it? And it's been covered, so theres been no contamination.
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    Yeast Starter

    Can I take one smack pack and make two yeast starters for one beer by splitting it or should I just double the amount of DME and water and split it amongst two 1000ml containers?
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    Bulk Grain Purchase For Beginners

    Hey there, got about 12 AG batches under my belt and average cost for 50lb sack of 2row or Pale malt has been $36 here @ Northern Brewer in town, before Beer Barons discount. I hear alot about bulk grain purchases and would love to buy a years worth or more of grain in one shot but don't know...
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    Yeast Slurry Lifespan

    So I saved about a 1000ml of London Ale III yeast slurry. My plan is to use it in a barelywine but I won't be brewing it for another month or so. It's been about 2 weeks already, I will be making a big starter. Even so, would this slurry still be good to use in a month, it's been chilling, or...
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    50LB Grain Sack Freshness

    So I'm going to the local Northern Brewer and am going to pick up a 50lb sack of 2-Row as I know this will be the base malt for 90% of my beers. I'm planning to mill the whole sack in store and bring an over-sized rubbermaid with me to store it all in. With this method, how long are the grains...
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    First All Grain Recipe

    Hey, I'm making my first AG beer as I'm currently building my mash tun. Here's a recipe I've put together for a simple IPA. Let me know what you think, feel free to tweak as needed! Thanks! :) 11lb Rahr Two Row 1/2lb Caramel 10L 1/2lb Caramel 20L 1oz Columbus @60 1.25oz Centennial @20...
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    Three C's IPA Extract Recipe

    So I've got 8ozs pellet hops of Cascade/Columbus/Centennial and I want to incorporate a bit of each in an IPA. Looking for a good extract recipe that fits a single IPA mold. Thanks!
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    Forged Brass Lock Nut/New Lines

    Hey there, just got a 2 pack of shanks and taps that came with everything, comes with 4 1/8" shanks which is going to be tight on my kegerator setup. My question is this, is the Forged Brass Lock Nut essential to the setup as I understand it prevents you from pulling the line out but, can I save...