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    So I did it

    So I figured, why not, kill a few birds with one stone? I have had this in the back of my mind for a long time so it was somewhat planned out so I put it into action. I have repaired computers for a couple decades for a living so I was on solid ground & here is the final product. A...
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    3 plus years it took me !!

    After over 3 years of brewing I have finally brewed a pale Ale that I feel is good enough to share with some friends. 7 gallons of Pale Ale that is clear, clean, and tastes like what I have been after and I can reproduce it. 6.4 abv, a little strong but mighty good.:) I think when I started...
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    Going to try this for the price

    Just ordered 4 of these kits, less than $100 with shipping, can't hurt, take a look and tell me what you think for $19.99 a kit :mug: :mug...
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    Extract kit prices ????

    Seems like every time I order a kit they have gone up in price at all the well known sites. :( Has anyone else noticed this increase? I have to wait for a site special offer before I buy. Also I see a lot of three gallon kits being offered that I don't remember seeing before. Might...
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    What do you think, 10 days enough

    My American Ale has been bottled for 10 days, should I try a couple? I use 750ml pet bottles so I know when they are carbonated, the bottle is so tight you can barely squeeze it, has worked many times in the past. Too soon? Can't hurt, right:mug: :rockin:
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    Amercan Ale, is this gravity right?

    Made a nice American Ale OG was 1.053, been in primary 3 weeks today, final gravity reading was 1.003, does that FG sound right, probably is. :mug:
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    Best kit prices

    I am sure it has been asked before, where do you find the best prices & service for your extract kits. I had a good supplier but their prices have become quite high. I usually order 2-3 kits at a time. :mug: Thanks for any input okiepc
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    This goes way back

    Ran across this the other day under a work bench in a box, it was my fathers, he bought it in the early 50s when he did a short stint into homebrewing, mostly bottle bombs. Late at night you could hear them explode in the basement. It was all rusty & dirty & neglected, had not seen the light...
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    My latest Red IPA Extract.

    It is a pretty beer, in a glass I know is at least 60 years old. There were 4 glasses but this is the last survivor, I use it on special occasions. :rockin: Needs to condition a little longer, I am rushing it a bit.
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    My first wheat beer tomorrow.

    Though I have brewed many extract kits, this is my first wheat, don't know what to expect. This is a Bavarian Hefeweizen with Safbrew WB-06 yeast & 3 ozs. Liberty hops & 6.6#s Wheat Malt extract & might be a few other additions. Should I use a Whirlfloc tablet with this or not? Going to...
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    Sound right FG

    Made a big red IPA, OG was 1.078 now after three weeks in primary @ ~ 67F my FG is 1.016, sound ok? It is very close to what I calculated. 7.5 ABV. I will take a couple more readings tomorrow & the next day to be sure then cold crash a few days, then bottle, should be ready for the 4th of...
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    Verdict on my Columbus IPA so far

    Been 19 days in primary so I took a FG reading & it looks like it is about ready to cold crash. I will take a couple more readings in the next few days to be sure. The thing is, it is very clear & smells nice, so I had to take a taste & I found out what a hoppy IPA taste like, HOLY COW, that...
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    Need Some input please

    Please take a look at this and give me your opinion as I am not familiar with Columbus hops. Should I go with this or cut back or substitute. I am still learning!! This is an extract Brew 5 gallon. 9# LME Extra light extract 1.5# Caramel/Crystal 15L 1.0 oz. Columbus 60 min 2.0 oz...
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    A shoutout to Kegerator of Austin, Tx

    I ordered three ingredients kits & other assorted necessities from Kegerator out of Austin, Texas. All of the things were on sale & free shipping for the holidays, to make a long story short, one kit had some damage so I emailed them, told them the problem, two days later a new kit arrived to...
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    Is this an ale thing?

    I have brewed several ales from kits & kilos to extract kits, all have been good but not excellent, at least to me. I have taken plenty of time to ferment & condition, have used the best ingredients available but the problem is they are too sweet for my taste. I have used Morebeer kits and...