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    Herms temperature issues

    Howdy, My system consists of two kegs and a rectangular coleman xtreme cooler. I use a BS-460 to help control the system. I have three temperature probes: HLT, HERMS out, MLT out. My problem is that the temperature probes that monitor the HERMS out and MLT out are not reading correctly and...
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    Keezer collar hinge issue

    You could make it easy and just attach some 1x2 wood on the inside of your collar so it doesn't move around and then attach the hinges to the collar. That is what I did and it works great. Also, don't forget to put weather stripping between the wood and the keezer itself. You will get...
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    Eherms mash temperature issue

    I am running a eherms setup with a bcs460 and keggles/cooler. I have three temperature probes on the system. On mash tun out, herms coil out, and hlt temp. I have a thermapen for back up and I needed it today. This is only the second brew I have done on this system and I am still learning the...
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    Question about how elements should act

    REALLY? I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for this wonderful information. You sir are are scholar and a gentleman! I was merely making sure what I was observing was normal and OK. I've never watched a element boil before. I should know better than to have a questioning attitude...
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    Question about how elements should act

    OK then! I assume you also have zero issues with scorching the wort?
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    Question about how elements should act

    I am using camco 5500w elements and keggles for my HLT and boil kettle. I was doing a test run of my system with just water since I recently finished putting it all together. I noticed when the water is heating up there are tons of little bubbles all over the elements. As the water gets hotter...
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    Southeast Nebraska Grain Buy

    I would definitely be down for this next time around. I would most likely get 4 or 5 bags.
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    All BCS your programming!

    Here's mine. I basically followed this setup guide. I have not modified this setup to use my third temp sensor for the mash output yet. ****** I HAVE EDITED THIS POST TO SHOW MANUAL INTERACTION WHERE NEEDED ******* While waiting for some parts to arrive I...
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    All BCS your programming!

    You could try posting text files to
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    Question about using 2 power cables

    The breakers in the main panel are 240v as are the elements. I know doing it this way most definitely isn't up to code, it's just what I have to work with. Just wanted to make sure it was still 'ok' to do it this way.
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    Question about using 2 power cables

    So for my system I have two, three wire, 10 gauge cables. I have two 30 amp breakers in the main panel. I am installing a 60 amp GFCI and have split the green wires of the two cables so one acts as a neutral and the other as a ground. The the hots are doubled up but otherwise wired in normally...
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    MyHERMS (automated) build

    Nice system so far! I think the mash tun is my favorite part. A suggestion for you though. Remove the ball valves you have on the input side of your pumps. They are designed to be restricted on the output. You can actually ruin them if you restrict on them input side.
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    Post your Dog Inspired Logo's and/or Brewery Names

    I named my brewery Big Dog Brewery. I have two great Danes. I will try and get some pics later tonight.
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    HERMS users, how to return wort in mash tun?

    I also do the silicon hose on top of grain bed method. I use a coleman cooler for the tun and I try to keep the return hose on the far end from the outlet so the warmer wort has time to mix in before being recirculated again.
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    BCS-460 programming

    I used this mash program for my bcs 460. I have only used it in one brew and it does need a few tweaks. I like it as a starting point and it also shows you the manual actions you need to do such as hose moves...
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    HomeBrewTalk 2012 Big Giveaway

    IN for this.
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    55 Gallon SS system progress

    Try imgur: the simple image sharer Nice stand! Did you think about adding castors instead of the feet?
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    HERMS Coil

    All of the stainless immersion chillers from Midwest are on back order for 2+ months. I still have yet to find another source for them. If anyone knows of another source PLEASE let us know! It's the very last part I need to finish my brewery.
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    Group Buy: Accuflex Bev-Seal Ultra barrier line

    Let me know when you are ready to take some new orders. I am definitely in for 150 ft.
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    Group Buy: Accuflex Bev-Seal Ultra barrier line

    I would like some hose as well if there is any left!