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    Band-Aid Ale

    So I made a very simple "lawnmower" ale using US-05. I have brewed this in the past using the exact same procedure with no problems(although I used Nottingham). Fermented in primary for 2 weeks. Yeast foam would not drop so I dropped the temp from 68 down to about 60. which made it drop. I then...
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    Stupid me. Help!

    I attempted to brew my first batch on a brand new(to Me) system: I brewed an English Mild. The recipe called for 1.28 lbs.(6 gal batch) of flaked corn. I forgot to add to mash! Idiot! It hit my estimated OG on the money but I also had...
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    New Brewing Rig

    :ban: Here is my new(to me) brewing rig. 2 years of partial mash/extract/Cooler MLT I found this on CL. I have no idea what to expect efficiency wise. Cant wait til my grain gets here! 15.5 Gal Sanke HLT/MLT/ 15.5 Gal x2 Boil kettle Surflo pump. Can anyone with similar setup guess...
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    Recipe quest. Appeal to the masses

    Hi there. I am looking for suggestions on recipes(AG) for an Ale that my friends can enjoy. I like to brew beers of all styles however I lack experience in building a beer that completely satisfies the "lite lager" drinkers. I would prefer to stay away from "lagering" if possible I...
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    1st partial mash. Please advise

    So I have done 6 extract batches and decided to go with a partial mash AHB American Brown ale kit They recommended WL east coast ale yeast(which I thought was kinda weird) This is the first time I have ever used liquid yeast... I did not use a starter as it was not over 1.070 OG as...