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    Fermentation question

    Well thanks for the replies guys. I had it sitting for for two weeks in the fermenter and I started force carbonating it a few days ago. I had to try some. Yes its a little on the flat side but very tasty!
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    Fermentation question

    I accidently smashed my hydrometer with my stirring spoon so I havent recieved my new one yet. the recipe is 3.3 lbs plain light malt extract 2lbs. plain light dry malt extract 12 oz. crushed carapils malt 1oz sterling hops (Bittering) 1oz. saaz hops (finishing) I only used about 1.5oz...
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    Fermentation question

    My last batch I brewed wasnt very alcoholic. I have been thinking of putting a little priming sugar in my carboy for this one. It has been fermenting for 8 days as of today. Oh I also keg my beer and force carbonate it so its not like I am doubling the sugar or anything. Anybody agree or...