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    Dear God I love my wife............

    She went to a grage sale today and bout me a deep freez........(pics to come later). I am just a tempature controller away from using it to ferment in.
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    Well, she is pissed off again at my brewing...

    I bought a perlick faucet yesterday so I can stick it in the door of my beer fridge. The wife is not really pissed, she just shook her head. I don't think she get suprised anymore at the things I do in the name of BEER.
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    Lets Talk Brewstands AGAIN!!!

    I've been working on this for a couple of months now. I made the plans and purchased the steel and then did all the welding my self. What you see here is a hodge podge of pics that are not in any order. But it does document my process................somewhat. I plan on brewing on this rig...