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    Nitro Coffee Question

    So, I did my first batch of cold brew about two months ago. My setup is pretty standard but I am using JUST Nitrogen, not a mix. I didn't expect to get any of the carbonation of thicker mouthfeel because of using Nitro. However after about 3 weeks I started to notice some bubbles and after...
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    Mash Tun Cooler Question

    Will a false bottom for an Igloo cooler fit the Rubbermaid ones? There's a very cool drop-in replacement one on Amazon that I like but it is advertised as fitting an Igloo cooler with no mention as to whether it does or does not fit a Rubbermaid.
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    Massachusetts Johnson Temp Controller

    Johnson Temperature Controller. A few years old but works fine. Has gunk on probe wire for when I had it in a keezer. $50 OBO. Buyer pays shipping.
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    Massachusetts Krome Faucets

    3 Krome faucets. $10 each or best offer. I switched over to the Perlicks awhile ago and had these kicking around. Buyer pays shipping.
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    Massachusetts Perlick Taps and Shanks

    2 Perlick 525SS taps and shanks. Both were used and both work fine. I went with a new keezer and reduced the number of taps. Total new would be $77, will sell for $45 each plus shipping (USPS flat rate).