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    International Carbonic Remote Carbonator

    I picked up a used Premier-2000R remote chiller/carbonator to make a mobile soda stand. The ice bath works but I am having problems with the carbonator. I have narrowed the problem down to either a faulty water pump or CO2 probe. Anyone have a functioning one of these? If I can "hear" yours...
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    Soda fountain syrup

    Costco Business center has been my go-to but the flavors are limited. I would love to find 1 gallon options.
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    Edgestar IB250

    I'm hoping to drill a hole in the back of this, not for a shank, but for feed and output lines from a cold plate for my under counter soda setup. Other than the alcohol and cornstarch method, I'm thinking I will just probe around in the foam in the back and make sure there are no metal coils...
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    Under Sink Carbonated Water Setup in home

    Getting it chilled right before spending is so important. I am hoping to install a cold plate in an edgestar ice maker I picked up for $200. I just gotta figure out where to drill the holes...
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    Wunderbar Gun for portable use

    He appears to sell the plans for $12 on his website. Maybe worth the money? Heck, I'll split it with you. :)