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    Craigslist: Graduated 5 Gal Carboy - $30
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    homemade false bottom

    I bought some perforated SS and had a friend cut out some circles for me the other day. This evening when I went out to take a look at them the have a layer of rust around the edges where they were cut. i haven't cleaned up the edges where there is some sort of build up (possibly slag) what can...
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    mash ratio question

    When mashing and you have a large dead space under the false bottom should I add that amount to the mash. Example: say I have a 1/2 gallon under the false bottom (my pick up tube can get most of it) and I want to mash at a 1.25 qt/lb ratio and there is 10 lbs of grain. Would i just add 12.5 qts...
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    march pumps

    Not mine found a deal on ebay $105 with free shipping.
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    Will this valve work? Will these valves work on a LP gas system? They say 15 psi. How many psi is needed to run 2 burners? Right now I use 2 burners like this I'm looking...
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    Little giant pump 3-MD-HC

    Will this pump work for brewing? Little Giant Pump Company Might be able to get my hands on one or two for <$50 each....
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    DIY 4 tap tower

    My on going project of turnin my old kegerator into a kegerator for 4 corny kegs with a tower. My kegerator is old kenmore model that will hold 4 cornies and 5# CO2 tank. I worked on this a little this winter trying pvc pipe but can't find a glue that works good enough for my approval. Next...
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    oops should this be closed?

    Oh yea don't forget to close the valve on your boil keggle when you are fly sparging. I walked inside since everything was going so well the first 15 minutes, come back out 5-10 minutes later and the driveway is full of wort!! I tried to sacrifice what was left but ended up with 5 gallons of...