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  1. JJFlash

    Inkbird Father Day Giveaway

    I have four of these already, they work great. Can always use one more. Count me in.
  2. JJFlash

    Question for other Tower of Power users

    Can anyone explain what the steady state adjustment actually does and how to use it?
  3. JJFlash

    Question for other Tower of Power users

    Would like to dig this out of the dust and see if anyone ever figured out how to use the steady state adjustment on the Tower of Power. Thanks, JJ
  4. JJFlash

    Question for other Tower of Power users

    I have given up on adjustments with my Top Tier. Drove me crazy for the first year. My temperature is off by about 4 degrees - keeps it within 0.5 degrees of that error, but always off. If I want my mash to be 148, I set the Top Tier for 152. The other irritation is the ramping. Never...
  5. JJFlash

    Canning wort

    Been doing canned wort for starters for years. Started off doing an all grain mash for the wort. Past few years have switched to using LME. Both work equally well for starters. When I started making 12 gallons at a time it was easier and faster to use LME. Pressure cooker is the only way to...
  6. JJFlash

    Can I Pressurize a Cornelius Keg with Air?

    I use air compressor to pressure test my corny kegs every 2 years for leaks. Only run up to 40psi, keg itself is stamped 130psi max.
  7. JJFlash

    Question for other Tower of Power users

    I too have played with the "steady state offset". Never could get it to synchronize the temperature discrepancy. Never did seem to do much no matter what number I plugged in. Did manage to totally corrupt the programmed mash schedule playing with it.
  8. JJFlash

    Question for other Tower of Power users

    Also, my experience with the Tower of Power is that it comes nowhere near the advertised 0.5 degree temp span. My mash is anywhere from 4 - 8 degrees less than the programmed temperature even after one hour. Smaller mash tuns have larger error. The temperature ramp is also a problem. Never...
  9. JJFlash

    Question for other Tower of Power users

    Been using one of these for years for recirc back to the mash. Just plug it into the return hose. Use it now on my Top Tier / Tower of Power system. Cheap and efficient.
  10. JJFlash

    too much o2 ?

    My experience is that oxygen rapidly comes out of solution in wort. I measure my wort oxygen levels with a high quality dissolved oxygen meter. I personally don't believe, in homebrew applications, that oxygen toxicity is even possible. My suggestion: single dose oxygen in regular beers...
  11. JJFlash

    Filtering? Why no love round here...?

    I have been using the Buon Vino Super Jet Wine Filter ($$) for the past few years on my lightest beers - Belgian Golden Strong and Belgian Tripel. I have also experimented running darker beers up to my Imperial Stout. Here is my thoughts: 1) Pro Brewers use filtering to quickly clear a beer...
  12. JJFlash

    Just bought a Chugger SS center pump. Need help with fittings...

    My first Chugger pumps had the 3/4" inlet. I plumbed them down to 1/2" to accept my 1/2" hoses. Pump would start cavitation, overheat, and shut off. Switched to 1/2" inlet pumps and all worked fine since.
  13. JJFlash

    Finding a CO2 Leak in your system.

    Start with the tank, regulator and lines first without connecting to the keg. Turn on the main valve letting the system come up to full pressure - I usually open the regulator to 30 psi. Then shut the main valve off. Mark down the main tank pressure and the regulator pressure. Let it sit there...
  14. JJFlash

    Please Critique my Top Tier set up

    Setup look fine. Be prepared for changes. I must have reset my Top Tier about twenty times before I hit upon my current configuration. Switched burners around, which is a pain. Changed burner height, not a pain. As you add gear to the setup, the arrangement will evolve in ways you cannot...
  15. JJFlash

    Oxiclean vs PBW

    Just my FYI: I find that PBW works best for me at 140-160 degrees. Cold it does not seem to work as well, and seems to fizzle out quickly on its cleaning ability. Still use it hot for stainless steel lines and plate chiller in circulation. Oxyclean seems to work fine cold, especially...
  16. JJFlash

    Fermenting duvel clone suck back avoidance

    The "S" type will also allow air suck into the carboy.... Any type of airlock we use will allow this to happen. The problem is the very sudden cold crash. I let the beer go thru initial 5-7 days fermentation, then gradually reduce temperature 3degrees/day until < 40 degrees. The yeast is not...
  17. JJFlash

    Wyeast Trappist 3787 is ridiculous!

    I always use Fermcap anti-foam with 3787, in the stir plate starter and in the fermenter. Works perfectly for this yeast. Otherwise a big mess.
  18. JJFlash

    Wort Aeration

    Absolutely correct! That is why we are putting in oxygen. I failed to mention I use yeast off a stir plate that has been cooled, the liquid decanted, then only the yeast is pitched. So the yeast is pitched in hibernation stage and not at full Krausen already working. So there must be some...
  19. JJFlash

    Wort Aeration

    Oxygen quickly comes out of solution. My last brew day was a beer with OG 1.090+ with 20+ppm O2. Pitched yeast 30 minutes after reading. By three hours later O2 sat was down to 16ppm. For the past few years I have hit my desired oxygen level then pulled my dissolved oxygen meter out. Past...
  20. JJFlash

    Wort Aeration