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    Lost and Found!!!

    So I am currently drinking a 4 year old 22 OZ bottle of all grain cream ale. I was going through my "empty" bottle stash to bottle my current 10 gallon batch of stout and came across this bottle. This is an AMAZING beer. I thought it would be a good topic to list any lost and found bottles you...
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    Mini Keg System

    Hey everyone! Well my wife hooked me up today. She went "shopping" today and came home this afternoon with a bunch of homebrewing supplies someone was giving away on freecycle. She comes home with 2 6 gallon glass carboys and a 5 gallon glass carboy. As well as a bottle rack and a bunch of other...
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    kitchenaid kgma grain mill attachment

    Ok so my wife has one of those huge monstrous kitchenaid mixers. i have found an attachment grain mill and was wondering if anyone has any experience with it. I have read the reviews and it seems to be rated pretty high. They are supposed to be very adjustable and I love to make fresh bread as...
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    Buying milled grains.

    I am thinking of brewing my first all grain batch this weekend. I do not have a grain mill. I have read some posts which discuss how inefficient milled grains from HBS are. I was wondering if there is a way to crush the grains without a mill to make them more efficient?
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    Beer taste like sugar water.

    Hey everyone. So I just bottled my 3rd batch of beer a week ago. I have tried one beer after a week from each batch just to see if they are carbonating. It is a Mexican Cerveza clone form AHB. It fermented hard for 2.5 days and I left it in the primary for 3 weeks total. So I pop the cap to a...
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    Is this ok? (Stuff on my beer)

    Ok guys. I brewed my first batch 8 days ago it is an American Wheat Extract Kit. I have a sattelite sample to take gravity measurements and have been at 1.10 for 3 days straight. So I decide to have a look at my batch. Just couldnt wait any longer to see it. I open the top and see alot of stuff...
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    First Batch questions.

    Hey everyone. Just boiled my first batch last night. It's an American Wheat extract recipe. I noticed fermentation started about 8 hours after pitching yeast and is going like crazy right now. I have a couple of questions. My OG was a little lower than the recipe called for. I got a reading of...