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    Having an Gravity issue

    Ok, so I did a Mac and Jacks, African Amber clone (with a twist) all grain last weekend. I used a yeast starter (no nutrients...though I will be doing so next batch). I used a strike temp of 167 and mashed at 155 for 90 minutes. All the h2o is calculated and correct. My twist to the clone was by...
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    Water issue in my all grain

    Thank Bobby that helps. Can I add water now to the batch that is in the primary fermentation carboy?
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    Water issue in my all grain

    I sparged, though I didn't mention it in my original post. And I did get an OG reading of 1050, as mentioned in my original post. I clearly didn't sparge enough water to end up with the appropriate amount after the brew/boil. I'm trying to figure out how much water is necessary for sparging? For...
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    Water issue in my all grain

    I also assumed there is nothing I can do to the current batch which is 2.5-3 gallons ( like adding more water) that would result in a preferable batch.
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    Water issue in my all grain

    Thanks, is there a formula I'm missing or neglecting for determining how much water is needed to mash with and to sparge with?
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    Water issue in my all grain

    So I've recently switched to AG brewing and learning throughout the process. I have been using Palmer's "how to brew" as a bible to guide me. I recently brewed an Irish Red Ale from Northern Brewer, I mashed 8.75 lbs of grain. Using the "how to brew" guide, I should be using 1.5-2 quarts of...
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    Looking for an Oktoberfest extract

    Yea, we are batching as fast as we can, trying new stuff and learning throughout the way. Anyway, for our 6th batch, we are looking to do something festive. Any ideas, we have not reached the experience nor do we have the time for all grain yet. Thanks