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  1. mike4420

    Speed up Bottle Carbonation - Temp?

    Its been 2 weeks since I bottled, I used 3/4 cup sugar which is enough for 5 gallons. I ended up only have 4 gallons in the bottling bucket so I know I have enough sugar in them but I tried one last night and it still seems alittle flat. I brewed this for a family get to gether this weekend...
  2. mike4420

    Adjusting my water profile

    Looking to brew a IPA this weekend and want to imitate Burton on Trent as close as possible. I think I have gotten close enough but looking for opinions. My Current Profile Calcium: 29.8 ppm Sulfate: 37.0 ppm Magnesium: 7.6 ppm Chloride: 10.0 ppm Sodium: 7.2 ppm Bicarbonate: 71.0...
  3. mike4420

    Bad Tom's Imperial Bourbon Oaked Porter

    I want to do a oaked porter and found this recipe. This will be our first all grain. I'm looking for some thoughts from experts about the ingredients and amounts used. Bad Tom's Imperial Bourbon Oaked Porter We'd have a recipe here for...
  4. mike4420


    Cotton or nylon bag. Is there a difference? Cotton is natural & nylon is synthetic. The goal is for the best possible brew. Would one produce a better brew in anyway than the other. :drunk: