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    Harrowing Hefeweizen Habitat

    Bwahaha alliteration is hilarious. To my problem: I've a hefeweizen/Irish red mix in a primary fermenter (always wanted to combine 2 of my favorites... think of it as a dunkel) The wort has been in there at about 60deg F for about 10 days... a day ago the temperature went up to 70deg...
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    The Puny Russian Imperial Stout

    My first ever batch of homebrew is currently sitting in glass bottles in my closet. The RIS for some reason has gotten a bit of a fruity taste to it and has some hints of lightly burnt coffee. The worst part, however, is that the bottles failed to build any carbonation whatsoever. Here are some...
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    unorthodox bottling methods

    I've just added homebrewing to my ever-growing list of hobbies... but this means I've got a few tricks... for example... I'm working on some alternative bottling solutions: which will soon be fired and slip-cast into set molds of 6, then I'll add pivots for Grolsch-type flip top...