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    Moving to Amsterdam

    Thanks for the advice podz and mattdc26... Any other items I should grab here that are hard to source for brewing? Be well
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    Moving to Amsterdam

    heh I live by the quoute...why limit oneself to a single vice...I think Gandhi said that...or Houdini always mix those two up...
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    Moving to Amsterdam

    Hey folks, picking up the fam and heading over. I am storing most of my brew gear as it is a 3 tier using keggles...cant imagine I will be in a place with that kind of space. Not to mention, I have sooo many new brews to try not sure brewing will be worth it. However, I have been really...
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    Autumn Seasonal Beer Punkin' Ale

    30 days ago I tried my batch and liked did folks at the chili cook off as 5 gal was gone in a flurry. I had the other 5 gal sitting cold at around 37 - 40 for about 3 This is a much better beer...I am drinking it around cellar temp and it has great balance... This...
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    Autumn Seasonal Beer Punkin' Ale

    Needed to get this on the gas so I cut crashing short. Cloudy but acceptable. Came in at .012 and is a really nice beer. Some spice on the nose...a touch of sweetness and on the lighter side. I really hate that this one goes to a block party so I will see very little of it....nice beer...
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    Overcarbed keg

    It happens. I usually just off gas a bit and let the pressure in the keg push the beer out. Won't take too long to even out
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    Shared Homebrew Space Concept

    Hmm really does not sound like a bad idea to me. I would participate in something like this although not sure I would "invest" in it. Would pay dues tho. I don't know that it has to be all that sophisticated and depending on space you could have different setups. I do agree it sounds like a...
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    Autumn Seasonal Beer Punkin' Ale

    In that case i would like you to send your crashing procedures written on a 12oz bottle of said HB ;) I will start crashing mine next week and post back. Thanks!
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    Autumn Seasonal Beer Punkin' Ale

    Be curious to see a pint when you pour it. Just checked in on mine...looks to be at .012 maybe .011 but super cloudy...going to let it ride for a while but just wondering how much impact your crashing had. The taste was light but actually very nice for such a light brew.
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    A Homebrewing Fantasy for Kathy Ireland

    That was no mistake...;)
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    A Homebrewing Fantasy for Kathy Ireland

    I think I have a Zymurgy in the stack with Kathy Ireland on the cover....old school. yup...had to look it up...its this one.
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    Autumn Seasonal Beer Punkin' Ale

    Decent results but crazy day. Did a 10gal batch so I could keep it around a day or two this time. ;) I baked the punkin for an hour at 350 but did not get the carmelization I was hoping for. Wife needed the oven or I would have hit it with a broil for a bit. I made a change to the recipe...
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    Autumn Seasonal Beer Punkin' Ale

    Getting ready to brew this on Monday. Last batch was good. Not as much pumpkin flavor as I thought it would have but a brew that "floated" in short order. Going to do 10gal this time to keep it around longer. It was one boozy beer if I remember correctly. I had some missteps along the way so...
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    Two kegs in and I'm sold using syrups for variety rocks!

    Been carbing water for a while now for the wife and have started to really like it. I have a number of those clear flip top bottles that fancy lemonade comes in (if there is an ikea around they have them cheap too). We like taking a slice of cucumber (cut like a pickle spear) and putting it...
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    Dallas is pretty spread out. Do you know what part of town you will be in? For reasonable variety I would agree with previous poster. Try Central Market or a Whole Foods. Central Market has carried redstone meadery in the past but not sure what they carry. Good luck
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    Japan's Superior Beer Can Technology

    I really like the Ska Brewing's Modus Hoperandi IPA...I would link to their site but b/n the flash and "music" the site is obnoxious. Very good canned beer. Interesting that Fat Tire was mentioned. I did a taste test at a bar during GABF and the canned beer is a different beer. For me in the...
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    Autumn Seasonal Beer Punkin' Ale

    So the hoppiness has faded very nicely. Been at 60 degrees for about 3 weeks...just racked into my keg and it is sitting at .020 so I think that just became my secondary....bumping the temp up to 65 (using s-04 so watching for esters) for a week or so to see if it comes down a few points. So...