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  1. sinoth

    Question about dry hopping in secondary (spices)

    Heya all, I'm working on a winter warmer that has cinnamon and nutmeg in it. The recipe calls for the two spices to be crushed and added to secondary. I just racked to secondary after sitting in primary for two weeks. What I'm unsure about is how long to keep the brew in secondary. I know...
  2. sinoth

    Strange infection problem (related to honey?)

    Heya guys, got a strange problem for ya. About a month ago I posted about my first infected batch here. I bottled the stuff even though it was super funky hoping it would mellow a little... here we are a month later and it is still super funky. I have very little hope for that batch, but I...
  3. sinoth

    Whoops - switched my bittering and flavoring hops

    My current brew is a Newcastle Brown Ale clone, and I accidentally switched my bittering and flavoring hops. The recipe calls for this: Target pellets [.8 oz] (AA 10%) - 45 minutes of boil Kent Golding pellets [.5 oz] (AA 5.5%) - last 15 minutes of boil Instead, I did the opposite...
  4. sinoth

    First infected batch :(

    This is my second batch, and I'm 99% sure its infected :( Bottled today, and it smelled quite funky. It smelled exactly like a rotten tomato. Tasted it and yep, rotten tomato. My recipe was as follows: 3.3 lb wheat LME 1.0 lb light DME 1.0 lb honey 1.0 oz german spaltz hop pellets...
  5. sinoth

    Problem with first batch after a week of conditioning

    It tastes too good :( It's a True Brew kit, American style wheat. A little on the sweet side, but oh so smooth. My first batch, and I'm pleased. I planned on letting it condition for three weeks, but... I fear the batch won't see another week. On a side note, many thanks to everyone...
  6. sinoth

    Concerned about CO2 buildup in cooler

    Heya all, I've made it a whole two batches without freaking out and asking questions (RDWHAHB!) but I'm finally at my limit and would like to get some opinions on my current issue :) I've built a cooler for my fermenting bucket by using two plastic containers. One container sits normally on...