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    How many gallons of EdWort's Apfelwein have been made?

    I've made 15 gallons at different times. Thread total 25548.
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    Brewers Equipment Review

    I got a stand from him 3 months ago. Similar story, love the stand but had the bent leg slots and missing parts. Communication has been awful usually takes 3 emails to get a response though sometimes it's quick. I've been waiting for the missing parts for three months. He's told me he shipped...
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    Perlick tap question

    The faucet and the shank join together with no additional fittings needed (other than needing a faucet wrench to tighten). To connect the beer line to a straight shank you either need the fittings listed by flyangler, or a beer hose that already has the nut attached - Vinyl Beer Line Hose...
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    Kegs from Midwest - replaced o-rings?

    I had the same problem with a post ring, but on only one of three kegs I recently got from Midwest. I called, they apologized, and the sent me post and dip tube rings for all three kegs. I'll order from them again, since they handled it, and were very nice about it.