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    Design me a beer

    So Im stuck in a rut been brewing APA's IPA's, Porters and a Irish Red Ale. dont know what to make so here are my ingredients (Im not opposed to buying some more speciality grains) Grains/adjuncts =============================== Rahr 2 row Roasted Barley Crystal Malt 40L Carahell...
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    Hey guys, this is a Vanilla Bourbon Oaked RIS I plan on brewing sometime in October, so any tips or modicfictaions will be greatly appreciated. I would also like a good mash schedule for it and I am batch sparger. Thank you SIDENOTE: How should I go around with the oak chips and...
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    All American APA

    All right guys, this is my 3rd version of my APA. Using nothing but American Ingredients What Id like you guys to do is critique and feel free to make changes the best you see fit.. Im going for a nice session APA NOTE: I plan on batch sparging 3gallon mash in at 152 60min then a 3.8...
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    So ony one of my rhizomes survived and it was my Fuggles. They are around 8 ft right now (it as a tooth pick rhizome) so I was wondering if I could expect any harvest this year. I watered and fertilized as instructed.