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  1. J

    I went bananas on my first batch - literally...

    Unfortunately, I didn't judge the temps of my closet very well and the first few days of my fermentation were too high. After a few weeks in bottles, I tasted what should have been an Irish Stout and ended up being what I have decided to call, "Top O' the Banana Irish Stout". It sucks. It's...
  2. J

    Breweries in Chicago

    I'm heading up to Chicago this weekend to chat with some professors about grad school. I figure there have got to be plenty of great microbreweries, so I wanted to get any suggestions I could from you guys and gals on beer I should have while there.
  3. J

    2 Year Old Grains - still good?

    I'm doubting these grains are even usable, but...I'm starting to help our local LHBS owner get a brewing community up and running and while I was in the store, he said, "Yeah, those bags of grain have been there for like 2 years. Can you use them?" I said that I didn't think they'd be any good...
  4. J

    Teaching a Class on Brewing

    So - our local LHBS sucks. It's primarily a bartending school/bar supplies shop and the guy is just nice enough to stock brewing supplies, though readily admits that he knows next to nothing about beer making. This has been to the chagrin of his sales, obviously. People want answers when...
  5. J

    Removing unwanted esters?

    So I've noticed a ton of threads about esters, what causes them, what they smell like, and even the chemistry behind them. What I haven't noticed are any ways of getting rid of them other than just waiting. I've seen people say they've had success with getting rid of them after a long time in...
  6. J

    Keeping Primary Cool during Fermentation

    So, I live in Eastern NC and a week out from Fall the heat decides to spike and we've got temps around upper 90's. Thus, on my first brew (which, by the way was a lot of fun and I can't wait to do the next), I've got high temps (71-77). I'm doing an Irish Stout from Midwest (extract). I've got...
  7. J

    Oh, the things you find on Craigslist

    I found this guy's ad on Craigslist and something just didn't seem right... What kind of extract is that guy using?!?! And how big is his brewpot?! In other news: my brew kit from Midwest came in yesterday, so beer making will begin this weekend. Wish me luck!
  8. J

    Looking to buy this kit - what do you think?

    Hey all... I know this is a good kit, but I want to see if anyone sees any major gaps in this kit's components. I've looked over the list a few times and it seems ideal (other than not having a glass carboy, but I can add that later), but I'm afraid I'm being caught in by all the bells and...
  9. J

    Yeast Starter

    I searched and couldn't find an answer to this one (probably because it's so silly everyone else in the world knows the answer) - when using the LME/DME to create a starter for the yeast, do you subtract that amount that you put into the wort? I.e. if my recipe calls for X amount of ME and I...