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    Priming sugar

    I'm getting ready to bottle a batch of Belgian dubbel. My kit did not include priming sugar. I meant to order some but it slipped my mind and now 3 months later and ready to bottle and I realize I needed some. I have a bag of Muntons plain light dry malt that's been in my refrigerator for a...
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    Bad Bugs vs Lager Yeast

    I made 5 gallons of extract pilsner lager last Wednesday night. The Wyeast activator pack I had didn't swell right away so I put a solid stopper on the carboy thinking the smack pack would swell by the next day, it didn't. Three days later the yeast was ready but in the mean time the stopper...
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    Yeast pack warm

    I inadvertently ordered liquid yeast with my last extract kit order. I normally order dry yeast and I'm used to handling and using dry yeast. When the order got to my door it I opened the insulated envelope containing the yeast and the cold pack and the inside of the envelope was room temp...
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    Spill my yeast

    I was getting ready to pitch my dry yeast into the primary carboy. I cut the top off the yeast packet and set it upright to the side. While I was taking the bung off the carboy the yeast packet fell over. I lost maybe an 1/8 to a 1/5 of the yeast. What's going to happen? This is a lager...
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    Too cold for ale fermentation?

    I've been brewing for about 6 months now, ales only. I just bottled an extract kit London Porter, my second London Porter kit. All my fermentations have been in the back room of my house. I have a digital thermometer with probe against the outside of the carboy and prior to this last batch...
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    Fast cooling with contained ice

    What would be some inherent problems with putting a 2 liter bottle of ice in the wort while cooling. I have some 2 liter coke bottles in the freezer that I plan to use with my lagering fermentation cooler. I dropped one in a solution of star san for a bit and put it in the cooling wort, while...
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    Brew Night from Hell

    Due to family circumstances(softball, birthdays, etc.) I wasn't able to brew last weekend so I waited in, anticipation, for Friday after work to start my brew. I set up my brew kettle and propane cooker on the back patio and filled the pot to 5 gallons. The burners are lit and the batch is...
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    No Bubbles

    No bubbles, at least not many. I pitched last sunday around 10:00 at night. My first brew. The fermenter has been in my room with the A/C on since then. I never saw the actiive bubbling I expected. I get a bubble maybe once every 4 to 5 mins. What's going on?
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    Brewing right now- need help

    First time brewer. My wort is on the fire and bringing it up to 170. Carboy not sanitized. Could use some tips there. Also, I'm chilling in a cold bath, could use some tips there. Basically If anyone is going to be online line for awhile I might have some questions. I have my laptop on the...
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    Xtreme noob - need kit recommendation

    Never brewed before but I ordered a setup and I should have my equipment this week. Since it's summer I'm assuming I need to brew an ale. My carboy will be in my house so the temps will be high 60's low 70's. Any recommendations for an easy ale?