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    Got high blood pressure? Sniff farts...

    sir i would like to subscribe to your newsletter!
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    Adding Spices to an Ingredient Kit for Christmas Ale

    usually the lower the number in these times means the closer to flame out so 2oz of hops at 60 means begining of a boil and 1tsp of "XXX" at 3 means it goes in 3 mins before the boil is done.
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    Goose Island Honker Ale OG/FG?

    dude hook it up with a recipie! I love honkers ale!
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    Freshops or Hopsdirect??

    Im chiming in for Hops Direct. Their shipping might be slower but I prefer their packaging over fresh hops. Nitrogen sealed mylar bag over a foodsaver bag. Im sure quality is superior on both fronts, I just gotta show love for my HD people lol.
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    ESB I'm Brewing Sunday

    a big S-04 smell from what ive read is Bubblegum smell. I personally havent smelled nothing off in my 3 times of using it.
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    Design me a beer

    well guys im going with ESB and got some new malts today :) NEW GRAINS ==================== Vienna 2lbs Special B 1lb Gambrinus Honey Malt 2lbs Im looking for a huge malt backbone I also got some 1028 London Ale
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    Design me a beer

    hmmm sounds good, never really had a good dubble and never brewed anything european so that might work.
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    Measuring Hops by volume not weight.

    i think its 1/3 maybe a little more then usual from dryhops
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    Fermentis S-04

    S-04 is my go to english yeast. I love it, gonna be trying Wyeasts 1028 London Ale and test my luck.
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    Design me a beer

    So Im stuck in a rut been brewing APA's IPA's, Porters and a Irish Red Ale. dont know what to make so here are my ingredients (Im not opposed to buying some more speciality grains) Grains/adjuncts =============================== Rahr 2 row Roasted Barley Crystal Malt 40L Carahell...
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    Whats cheaper?

    I always wanted to know the fuel costs lol. but yea once you buy in bulk it starts getting uber cheap im at $0.48a lb for grain though roughly 4 bucks maybe less for hops. But yeah the savings you might get from brewing pale in comparison to what you actually created. And the fact...
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    I enjoy home brewing so much that......

    She Who Must Be Obeyed (SWMBO) Yeah, id rather talk about beer styles then talk about sports as well.
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    Hops from Hopsdirect

    I think its fair that hop croppers can finally flip a profit. Hops Direct has superior quality and have been ordering from over the this and last year.
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    Beer Tools Pro 1.5 released - Talk about it here!

    apparently they have 1.5.1 not to sure whats been updated but im dinking around with it currently
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    Bizarre Brewing Dream Idea - Olive Porter

    Ive noticed the olive flavor as well, just one thing if you added olives im sure the oil within the skins would really mess with your head retention.
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    anyone have any other tips? Its getting close he dead line im ordering the specialty malts
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    any one have an idea of how much alcohol will be added after the bourbon has been added. its already gonna be around 10% so any ideas are more than welcome I also added .5lb of flaked oats which might be substituted with quick oats or maybe even flaked rye I also plan to split the bean and...
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    Oh, dude Its aging for a minimum of a year. Should I just use enough makers mark to submerge the cubes?
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    Hey guys, this is a Vanilla Bourbon Oaked RIS I plan on brewing sometime in October, so any tips or modicfictaions will be greatly appreciated. I would also like a good mash schedule for it and I am batch sparger. Thank you SIDENOTE: How should I go around with the oak chips and...
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    High Efficiency

    wow, when you are hitting 50% thats pretty sad IMO. I get 70-80 all the time and I batch sparge