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    15 Gal Polarware Brew pot and extras

    Thanks for the input and the suggestions. I have cleared my inbox. $325 is about what I paid for everything a couple years ago. Since it has never been used I am just trying to get my money back out. Bad times and all. I will drop the price to $300.
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    15 Gal Polarware Brew pot and extras

    I have a brand new never used 15 gal stainless steel Polarware brew pot for sale. Economy has put the shut down on me starting this hobby so need to sell. Comes with a Blichmann brewometer and a stainless ball valve. Also has a bazooka tube filter in the inside. Everything is brand new never...
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    freezer questions

    I am brand new and am looking for information on chest freezers. I would like to purchase one that I can use for kegging as well as lagering. Do the temp control devices work well for this ( or is the temp of a freezer to cold). And if so does anyone know where to get a good freezer that...
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