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    Sex Sent Me to The ER!

    No Not Me, Its that New Show on TCL Has Anyone Seen it Yet?
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    Bluetooth Headphones for Mowing Lawn

    Need to get some bluetooth headphones or junior won't mow lawn. Says wires keep getting in the way. Found this How to Make Wireless Earbuds worried about interference from lawn mower and bluetooth.
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    Pole Vault Girl

    Cal State Pole Vaulting Champion Allison Stokke in Action
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    Kegerator Basics

    What are the most critical issues associated with maintaining a proper Kegorator? Temperature, Pressure and Proper and Regular Cleaning are crucial in determining the success or failure of any draught beer dispensing system. A lapse in any of those three areas will most certainly doom any...
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    Funniest Ebay Feedback Ever!!

    Watch out for this guy, he leaves feedback for sellers that are 'way off the wall', but very funny. here's his feedback 'left for others' page on ebay. funny stuff