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    SSR burnout

    how is the heat sinking on the device? the triacs do generate quite a bit of heat, this will eventually degrade the device and cause it to fail. I mounted mine on a heatsink with a small fan to cool the SSR, just a cheap 30A device from aliexpress and it is running 4 years so far.
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    Used 5 year old liquid yeast successfully

    never tried to revive old yeast but my information is that the yeast has a dormant stage and it can take a while for it to reactivate once in this state, not sure it it will return with exactly the same characteristics once reactivate, would be an interesting experiment though to make a starter...
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    Infection taking over and I'm at my wits end

    I once had an issue with infections after completion and just before bottling eventually found out it was Candida in my mouth, caused a lot of failures, it is important to remember the mouth is a source of bacteria and yeasts from our foods. make sure your not breathing on your brew at any time.
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    Experiment to Save Gushers

    I have had a good few gushers in the past mainly because of the high ambient temperatures and nowhere cool to store my bottles, the way I deal with them is to use a sharp knife to gently pry the cap until I hear the hiss of escaping gas then let it settle back and reseal, I do this until the...
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    Best methods for bottling? Do you still use bottling buckets?

    I don't bottle very much anymore but last time was the first time with a pressurised ferment and home made counter pressure filler, so easy, no priming just fill and cap. no problem with oxidation. no other way to do it for me anymore.
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    How do you save your cooling water?

    I am lucky enough to have a 30 mtr borehole, nice and cool so only takes 15 mins to cool my brew but still use the water for the garden, 2 birds with 1 stone.
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    Can’t get temp down in Kegarator

    sounds like a leaky seal on the door allowing warm most air in which condenses on the cold plate. check your seals maybe fit a small fan inside to circulate the cold air this will also assist your compressor.
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    Putting together my first kegging setup on a budget.

    I'm in south Africa so don't know if your available equipment is the same as here but I started with gtype polycarbonate kegs which are really cheap and if looked after can do many brews, I have moved into pressure fermentation after reading of it in this forum so my ale goes straight from my...
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    BIAB Beginings

    hi @BrewnWKopperKat I have no idea where you can obtain Dave Lines "bigger book of brewing" or "brewing beers like those you buy" or even if they are still in print, My original copy of the bigger book of brewing was dog eared and half missing until 2019 when my father passed away, I found his...
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    Kegging just for force carbing?

    I deal with my kegs via a under counter chiller, made it myself for very little works a treat and eliminates the need to chill all my kegs in the keggerator, I can switch over to a different keg as I wish, these are quite expensive to buy but would probably be worth it for you.
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    BIAB Beginings

    I started brewing in 1980, no brewing method called BIAB but it is effectively what I was doing just didn't have a name, used a converted 30lt boiler and suspended a bag full of grains of around 20lts of water on a motorised holder to maintain constant water temperature (via a homemade...
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    Bottle Bombs - Why and How to Dispose?

    I have had a few bottle bombs, generally mine are from my high mashing temps, sometimes the dextrines manage to ferment with the temperature variations. I am regularly at 30 degrees plus, what I do after chilling is to gently pry the cap with a knife and let a little gas out then let it reseal...
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    Pressure Fermentation. Does it Really Work?

    @Golddiggie thanks for your insight, I will probably continue as I am for the time being until I hit any snags.
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    Pressure Fermentation. Does it Really Work?

    hi I became interested in pressure fermentation a few months back (after reading about it in this forum) as a solution to the high summer temperatures we have in south Africa, usually in the 30 + degrees centigrade. my beers were not terribly good during these months, I began with so far I have...
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    those using a basket for BIAB...sparging methods for max efficiency

    hi I also use a basket, I spin the basket with a geared motor to help maintain an even temperature during the mash which I do with 24 lt of water, I place my basket on a frame above the wort and I then lauter with a solar water pump whilst whirlpooling the wort until it runs clear, I finish off...
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    Can we talk pressure fermentation & related processes?

    I have just started with pressure fermentation, so only two brews to go by, my reason for pressure fermenting was that I am brewing in.the upper 20's to mid thirties so have tried kviek Oslo yeast and have been impressed with the results. I am using a 50 lt keg for 30 lt brew, I have welded a...
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    Pressure Barrell

    I have been using the 5lt mini kegs for some time, I found some long (35mm) motorcycle valves and drilled a grey bung to take the valves, I use a bicycle gas pump with 12g threaded gas cylinder usually 1 per 5lt fill, nice and useful to take away and can fit in a fridge. only problem I have had...
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    Can I improve my BIAB process? Feedback requested

    not sure if my input can help, I began with a BIAB process in an electric boiler, using 20 liters of water and 6 liters of sparge water and generally managed mid 80's in efficiency, I changed to a basket which I can rest on a frame to sparge and also introduced a clip on pump which can pick up...
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    Anyone else dealing with smell/taste loss from COVID?

    no I always prefer ales, still get mouth feel and can still tell between a poor ale and a good one, besides liquor just gives me heartburn!
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    Anyone else dealing with smell/taste loss from COVID?

    I lost my sense of smell and taste 13 years back, so you have my sympathies, only way I ever get any sense of taste or smell is the occasional dose of cortisone, an injection sometimes gives me some 5 weeks of pleasure. I have had to learn to enjoy ales with only the basic tastes from the...