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  1. Golddiggie

    Pump manifold setup

    After seeing the idear in another thread (from the person not wanting to change hose connections around so much) I decided to go ahead and make a manifold setup going to/from my two Chugger pumps. It wasn't a cheap project (about $550 currently into the project, not counting the pumps). But I...
  2. Golddiggie

    For Sale One 25L (6.6 gallon) keg for aging/fermenting/small keggle

    Selling off the two one 25L keg I bought new around 2011. I had a ball lock base TIG welded into each of them for use with a gas post. This was to allow for CO2 push transfers. Can also be used to connect a spunding valve (or blowoff hose) if desired. The kegs come as pictured. These could also...
  3. Golddiggie

    Omega British/UK ale strains?

    I've always used Wyeast for my beer fermenting needs. The HBS I visit has started carrying Omega Yeast products. I've already looked at the chart available and found the one that claims to be a match for what I use most (1318). I'm more interested in finding out what people are experiencing with...
  4. Golddiggie

    What do you do with the spent grain (from your mash)??

    Since June I've been trading the grain I pull out of the mash tun with someone just down the street. She has chickens, so I give her the bucket of grain, and I'm kept in fresh eggs. It's a double win for me, since I'm both not buying eggs, AND I'm not tossing out the spent grain. Before this we...
  5. Golddiggie

    Wee Heavy recipe thoughts

    I'm looking at brewing a wee heavy in about a month (it's after two other recipes get brewed). Right now I'm trying to decide how much of the peated malt I want to add. I've never used it in a recipe before. I have used cherry wood smoked malt and like what it gives that recipe. My current...
  6. Golddiggie

    For Sale 1/2 barrel keg for conversion to keggle

    Looking to sell the 1/2 barrel keg that I was using for a fermenter. Not including the kegmenter cap, this is JUST the keg. Local buyers only. NOT shipping this. Price: $30 Location: Pelham, NH Terms: F2F, cash Contact: PM here.
  7. Golddiggie

    For Sale WTS BrewBuilt IceMaster Max2 glycol chiller $550

    Looking to sell the Max2 I bought a couple of months ago so that I can change for the Max4 (due to wanting to go beyond two conical fermenters). I added caster wheels to this, and still have the feet that will go with it. I'll also include the lines that I bought from Spike (6' long with their...
  8. Golddiggie

    For Sale Kegmenters for sale - NH

    Kegmenters for sale. I got the gas fittings welded into two of these (not the virgin keg) a while back and then made the caps to use them. Cap on these includes a thermowell and liquid ball lock post (with dip tube). Tube in the 7.75 gallon keg is trimmed to leave three quarts behind. Terms...
  9. Golddiggie

    Wyeast 1318 in a Wee Heavy?

    Curious if anyone has used Wyeast 1318 in a Wee Heavy recipe and what the end result was. The last time I brewed a wee heavy I used 1728. Since I have 1318 in use currently, harvesting from each batch, it would be a zero cost in the recipe. From what I know about 1318, and read on the Wyeast...
  10. Golddiggie

    For Sale WTS Two 6 gallon Torpedo kegs

    One still in the box, the other used once then cleaned. Bought these when I thought I was going to be brewing 9 or 12 gallon batches. Things have changed so I no longer need these. Location: Pelham, NH Terms: Face to face (NOT shipping), cash Price: Unused keg: $100 (obro) Used once keg: $90...
  11. Golddiggie


    Sold Delete
  12. Golddiggie

    New Tilt battery life??

    I got my first Tilt hydrometer (black) on Monday that then went right into a batch. Initially it was picked up no issue with my phone to check things. I didn't realize that it has NO internal logging function and you HAVE to keep the software running in the forefront in order for it to do so...
  13. Golddiggie

    New Tapcooler can filler base

    I've been working on a new base for the Tapcooler can filler I bought a while back. I had picked up their accessory base, with the grooves and back drain. To me, the back drain was a total pain to use (had to keep working it to get the thing to drain). Plus it really wasn't big enough. You could...
  14. Golddiggie

    Spike Brewing!!!

    Over the past few months I've been getting gear delivered from Spike Brewing. First a new MT, then a new BK and HLT (all custom builds of course), including the SCL for the BK. Then a pair of CF10s came via FedEx. Add odds and ends to make the system more complete and it has added up to a not...
  15. Golddiggie

    1" ID silicone tubing source??

    Looking for some 1" ID silicone tubing. I'm looking to use some for the outlet on my BK to the pump and maybe some other locations in my setup. Especially for my yeast drop/dump port from the conicals. I could also go with 7/8" ID tubing if 1" isn't readily available. I do have a line on 7/8"...
  16. Golddiggie

    easily making glycol lines to a chill coil a closed loop when disconnected from coil

    Something I did yesterday was to make the glycol lines that will be going to my Spike CF10 fermenters a closed system when NOT connected to the chill coils. This will make it so that when I'm not using the glycol chiller I won't need to evacuate them when they're not in active use. I have a...
  17. Golddiggie

    Tapcooler [counter pressure] can filling cap o-rings

    I recently picked up one of the Tapcooler setups for filling beer cans. When I put it together, of course one of the o-rings (in the cup that goes over the can) had a sliver taken out of it. I've sourced replacement o-rings, but you need to buy 25 at a shot. They're cheap ($1 for all 25, plus...
  18. Golddiggie

    Any interest in going in on an order of leaf UK Goldings?

    I'm communicating with a supplier over in the UK to get some leaf Goldings. Looks like I'd need to order 22# to make it viable. Since it's unobtainium right now (in the US at least) I'm seriously looking to do this. But it would take me more than a while to go through 22# of UK Goldings (any...
  19. Golddiggie

    For Sale Two stainless steel Chugger/March pump heads (center inlet)

    I've changed over to TC connection pump heads, so no longer need the NPT heads I was using. These will ship as shown in the picture. Complete with QD fittings unless you tell me you don't want those. Valves on the outlet are 3 piece stainless. As it sits, there were no leaks last time I used it...
  20. Golddiggie

    Withdrawn delete. returned

    delete, returned