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    Beer not fermenting

    Okay, I started the AHS Winter Chocolate Stout on Saturday morning (about 2 days ago). I expected to see the airlock bubbling after 24-48 hours. But it is still not moving at all. Is there something that could be causing it to not ferment, (temperature?). The bucket thermometer reads about 67...
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    Did my beer sour?

    I'm kinda freaking out. I used a True Brew Kit for a Nut Brown Ale. Everything was great until I transferred it to my secondary carboy. About 2 days after that, bubbles appeared on the top. I smelled the air lock and it didn't smell like I expected it to. Hard to describe the smell, but it...
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    First Brew!

    Brewing a wheat beer with a True Brew home brewing kit that my fiancée's mother bought for me. I brewed it on Saturday and it fermented until Monday morning/afternoon (No more bubbles in the airlock when I got home from work Monday afternoon). I am wondering if that is enough time, since...