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    possible oxidation issue

    I have eard that nitrogen can be used to remove dissolved oxygen from beer although more research would be needed to find the correct method to do this. Also it won't reverse the oxidation however it will prevent further oxidation and give a nice creamy head
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    Things that come out of the SWMBO's mouth!

    Whilst this may be true I'm sure that you do things that annoy each other and that you have arguments. This thread only shows one very small part of each persons/brewers relationship so it is hard to say that they are ***** whipped without the whole picture. I know in my situation that my...
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    Things that come out of the SWMBO's mouth!

    spoken like a true 40 year old virgin
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    Harvesting yeast?
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    Things that come out of the SWMBO's mouth!

    If he told her that I suspect he might find himself on the couch at the very least
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    Why do I have such a problem with diacetyl??

    I have tested in a lab the mg/L of diacetyl in a wide variety of beers and I can tell you that MOST people won't notice anything under 0.2mg/L which is the level of most beers that i tested after 8-10 days in the primary. However some that had a too vigorous/warm fermentation have level up to...
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    Help classifying an ale

    call it a red IPA and your away laughing :ban:
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    How many gallons of homebrew in 2011?

    13,885.5 +12.5g Stout +6.5g ESB TOTAL:13904.5 gallons
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    Why do I have such a problem with diacetyl??

    I had a summer job in the lab at a large commercial brewery and one of my jobs was to test for diacetyl (quite time consuming BTW) and i can tell you that it definitely lowers over time. With all yeast strains during fermentation off flavours, esters, diacetyl etc. are produced after all of the...
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    BeerSmith 2.0

    Wouldn't that be the notes section?
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    Should I aerate a stuck fermentation before re-pitching more yeast?

    you could always brew a 1gal batch of very bitter beer and combine the two but it would have to be a lower gravity than a BW to make it cost/hop effective. However bitterness and sweetness aren't taste opposites so you may just get a sweet and bitter beer (it is possible).
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    Should I aerate a stuck fermentation before re-pitching more yeast?

    +1 barley wines are generally medium -> sweet. From my experience hopping isn't a linear thing, the higher the gravity of the boil the lower your alpha acid conversion rate will be. My rule of thumb for hopping is that too much is better than not enough because a) Hops make beer last longer b)...
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    First batch in the fermenter....A reflection.

    based on what you said with darkening of colour most likely a little of the sugar caramelized so a FG of 1.010 sound good (mine often finish around 1.016-1.022). Personally i never use a secondary as i only bottle (and a lot of the cleaning up that is done in the secondary can also be done in...
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    Should I aerate a stuck fermentation before re-pitching more yeast?

    Honestly i think your fermentation is finished. With a OG of 1085 and a FG of 1026 there is probably no fermentable sugars left. Barley wines often are sweet and with your alcohol at 7.75% it will need to age for a few months anyway. Remember that alcohol is sweet too and some of that sweetness...
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    smack pack

    just leave it longer 5 hours isn't very long for yeast that has been dormant for 4 months give it a couple of days before you start to panic. I read somewhere that it can take up to a day for a pack less than a month old and up to one extra day per month old it is after that. Also I have seen...
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    Best Hop Utilization Formula and Why?

    I work in the lab at a major brewer and tested a batch of my homebrew the other day (unfortunately i only have one beer to test atm). i have included my tested result along with various other calculations IBU: Tested: 44.2 Tinseth: 55.0 Rager: 70.8 Garetz: 42.7 I think I will use Garetz from...
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    brewing over a wood fire.

    A brewery called Cassels and Sons in Christchurch, New Zealand uses a wood-fired kettle most effectively.
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    **What is the most universal HOP**

    Nelson Sauvin from New Zealand. It has high AA and has a great flavour and aroma.
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    American Vs British Pint Glass

    i voted american however the pints i use a straight sided like the american pint but they are 568ml/20oz british pint size. The perfect glass IMO
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    Quadruple and triple fermented

    when i was in belgium i asked this question when i was on a tour of the haacht brewery(they mainly brew for local market not export) and the tour guide told me that it was to do with the alcohol content being double(dubbel) or triple(tripel) the normal level. However i have noticed a trend...